Star Trek appeals to trekkies and non-trekkies alike

Nick Van Sciver

This is not a movie you should be embarrassed to watch. While it may be from the Star Trek saga, this movie is not a Star Trek convention. Director JJ Abrams (the brains behind Lost and Alias) did a great job creating this film because any Joe Shmoe could walk into a theater and enjoy it. To describe it briefly: we get to see how the original cast of the Starship Enterprise came together on the ship’s maiden voyage.

The first thing that came to mind while watching the movie? The CGI was awesome. Animators were able to modernize the ship’s design despite the fact that it was from the 1970’s. And the battle scenes were sweet, from the torpedos to the debris, the scene settings were awesome and detailed.

All of these CGI details really added to the movie, but what’s better is that Abrams didn’t allow the CGI to completely dominate the movie. The acting was top notch. The actors all performed well and filled their predecessor’s shoes admirably. It was hard not to grow fond of them over the course of the movie.

Another shining star in this movie was the script. The writers for this movie were able to throw out so many one liners! It wasn’t meant to be a comedy, but the writers seemed to have comic relief in mind. The interactions between the characters were very intelligent and again well written.

The plot of this movie for a non trekkie was pretty believable up to a point. It was also fast paced, moving at “warp speed.” Some people may like this, others may not. Despite the speed of the movie, every scene was excellently woven together and flowed smoothly. When the movie finished though, there seemed to be no reason to watch it again. It left no stone unturned and no reason to go back for seconds.

After watching this movie, many will start to think that Star Trek is pretty cool. This new rehash is going to change the way many people view the franchise. Despite some flaws, the new Start Trek is a movie well worth watching.