Friday talent shows to raise funds for cancer

Ben Wohlfarth

67704_2119On June 27th, WHS science teachers Corey Lowen and Helen Rainoff will run the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon as part of an effort to raise money for leukemia and lymphoma research. Almost every day in chemistry class, students ask Ms. Lowen about her progress so far and how many miles she can run, which is up to around 10 right now.

The two teachers were inspired to run this race because Ms. Rainoff is a lymphoma survivor and knows what it’s like to be under the curse of such a disease. The two have been training for the marathon for most of the year and are nervous but very excited to be running for such a good cause.

However, Ms. Rainoff and Ms. Lowen were in need of a way to raise money for the run and at a loss as to what to do. They then had the idea to hold a student-teacher talent show. They had wanted one to happen in the past, but it had never materialized. And what better way to fundraise for that race than to hold a talent show to have kids publicly embarrass themselves for money?

Come this Friday night from either 5-7 PM or 7-9 PM to see the show. It will take place in the Little Theater and has been organized by Mr.Weingartner, Ms. Lowen and Ms. Rainoff. There was formerly also a Saturday night show, which was been moved to Friday because of Relay for Life, another great activity that also raises money for the fight against cancer.

The show is a great way to promote local music acts and donate money to a good cause. “Make a Difference” bracelets can be bought from the show’s staff and performers for $2. Tickets are are also on sale now in the Commons for $15 each. All show proceeds will go towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Act List:

Bands and Groups
Flames Over Treasures: Alex Romania, Ramin Hababi, Johannes Bremberger, Ben Wohlfarth
We Are Zombies!: Jade Donaldson, Emma Gimlich
The Live Animals: Danya Gordin, Ben Schattenburg, Ryan Meiselman, Ben Wohlfarth
Mad Science: Lowell Glovsky, Gordon Rugabber, Alex Romania
Slap Shot Bateman
Ryan Burkley and Johannes Bremberger
Fuser and the Chubbies

Keith Woods: vocal, accompanied by Allyson Mizoguchi on piano
Attrace Chang, Chinese Dulcimer
Three Clarinets: Ryan Budnick, Liz Doyon
Flute, Guitar Duet: Helen Rainoff, Ronen Zeidel
Magda Buczek – Violin
Tim Caradonna – Piano
Martha Jamerson – vocal, accompanied by keyboard
Julia Schleppi, Helen Rainoff – vocals accompanied by guitar.
Michael Gordon – Blues guitar and backing

Alison von Rohr – Belly dancing
Teacher Dance
Window Dance Troupe

Unicycling/juggling – Brett Baker with Brooke Baker assisting
Poetry recitation – Mike Hopps
Poetry – Michelle Kossack and Laura Dulude
Busting rhymes – Seti Elmasri, Matt Whittaker, Mike Boykin, Max Hill
Rap – Ken Rideout
Juggling – Corey Scult

Donations to Ms. Rainoff and Ms. Lowen’s fundraising efforts can be made at link