New T.A. Jack O’Rourke joins the Wayland Warriors


Pictured above is the new assistant Wayland boys’ Football coach and the new teaching assistant, Jack O’Rourke.

After graduating last May from Curry College, Jack O’Rourke joined Wayland’s Learning Resource Team (LRT) as a new teaching assistant at WHS this fall. He will also be working with the boys’ football team as an assistant coach.

“I go to a few classes based on students that are in our LRT and in those classes so I can gauge what they need help in, what to do, [just] things like that,” O’Rourke said. “I’m in pretty much all different types of classes. I’m in a geometry class, a history class [and] a social science class.”

One of the responsibilities of being a T.A. is helping students out in various classes. Being in many of those classes allows him to have a better understanding of how to help kids out with their assignments.

At Curry College, O’Rourke majored in history with a minor in special education.

“I’m more of an English [and] social studies type of person, so it’s kind of my strong suit,” O’Rourke said. “But, I’m pretty capable in other things as well.”

Besides being interested in special education, O’Rourke has always had a connection with football. During his years at Curry, O’Rourke started on the football team for most of his years. After O’Rourke got his job as a T.A., he contacted head football coach Scott Parseghian to show his interest in helping out with the team.

“I’ve wanted to coach since I was still playing, [and] I definitely didn’t want to be far away from the game, [so] I wanted to coach right after I got out [of college],” O’Rourke said.

Both coaching and teaching were jobs O’Rourke had always wanted to pursue. At WHS, he noted that he’s able to experience the best of both worlds at the same school.

“It’s nice being here after school and getting a connection with kids [who are a part] of the football program,” O’Rourke said. “It makes my job more comfortable here and on the field. It’s really cool knowing them in both aspects.”

O’Rourke plans to continue his career as a teacher and a football coach for as long as he can.

“I definitely want to keep coaching and teaching,” O’Rourke said.