MOTS: Students working outside of school


Students share where they work during the school year.

Caitlin Newton and Ellie Tyska

From restaurant jobs to working with kids, many students choose to work during the school year. There are many different opportunities for students to find work close by, and many are able to get a job as young as fifteen. WSPN caught up with students who work and asked about their jobs.

Hilla Almog, sophomore  
“I work as a lifeguard at the Wayland Community Pool which is right next to the high school. What I do for my job is watch people [swimming] and make sure that they don’t drown. I got this job because I’ve been swimming and diving at the pool for a really long time, so I got to know the pool owner. Then I asked for a job and told him ‘I’m 15,’ and you can be a guard at 15, so I could get certified. I work on weekdays in the morning because I have practice in the afternoon, and sometimes weekends during the afternoon.”
Emma Sheehan, junior
“I work at The Local. I am a hostess and we are in charge of seating people and assigning the servers’ sections. I went in and and asked for an application. I filled out the application, [and] they emailed me saying [to] come in for an interview. I talked to our manager, and she hired me. I work about three days a week.”
Ryan Najemy, sophomore
“I [am a] referee. What I do at my job is I ref kids’ [soccer]. I got this job [by] being invested in making money, and I just figured that reffing was an easy way to do it. I work Saturdays, and I do games mostly at Claypit because I live right there.”
Emmie O’Shaughnessy, sophomore
“I started working at J&M Diner this past summer in August. J&M Diner is a diner in Framingham and the whole staff works as a team, so we aren’t assigned to particular tables to wait on. We all work [together] getting food out, sitting people and basically everything that a restaurant does. I’ve been going to J&M diner since I was younger with my family, so I’ve always loved the atmosphere of it. I’ve always wanted to work there. So I went in one day this summer and applied for a job and got it. I work weekends but mostly Saturdays [and] occasionally Sundays.”
Aidan Bonner, junior
“I work at Pine Brook Country Club. I clean and put away golf clubs, clean and pull golf carts along with setup tee times for members. I got this job because I was looking for a job over the summer last year and I asked a classmate who is affiliated with the club if they were hiring. I went to an interview and they trained me that day. I work 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Mondays 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. when there are [golf] tournaments.”
Daniella Timperio, senior
“I work at Loker School BASE. At the beginning of my job, the kids and all of the adults will go outside, and then come inside for snack. After that, the kids will either have an art activity or a gymnasium activity to choose from. I applied right before the school year [started]. I work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.”
Jake Horowitz, senior
“I work at Russell’s Garden Center. I move [plants] and work at the register. I got this job through [senior] Ben Johnson’s mom who set me up with an interview, and then I got the job. I work all day Sunday because I’m paid an extra fifty percent and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”
Zoe Hughes, junior
“I work at The Local in Wayland. I am a hostess and a runner. As a hostess, I bring people to their tables and organize the [servers] and who will go to which table. [I fulfill] basically any odd-job in the restaurant. I went in and asked for [an interview] and they said yes. I started working in the end of June. I usually work twice a week; it depends [on] when they schedule me.”

Evan Vassilovski, junior
“I work at Stop and Shop. I’m a cashier, and I scan the groceries. I applied over the summer, and I go after school when I don’t have hockey.”
Carly Scheidemantel, sophomore
“I work at Mel’s. I work upfront at takeout, so I deliver muffins, make smoothies and give people their take-out. I got this job because I have family in the business, and I work every Sunday and sometimes Saturdays.”