Girls’ field hockey defeats Newton South (27 photos)

Eden Vanslette and Hannah Rice

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The Wayland girls’ field hockey team defeats Newton South 5-1 for the first win of their 2018 season this past Friday.

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  • Newton South junior captain Gabrielle Gilpin sprints toward their offensive half on a breakaway.

  • Senior Anika Das takes the ball to the offensive half.

  • Senior Olivia Tacelli takes lunges for a shot at the Newton South goal.

  • Senior Lauren Campbell lifts her fist in the air in celebration of a Wayland goal.

  • Junior Arden Knapp crosses the ball to Wayland's offensive players.

  • Senior captain Rose Kiefer takes the ball away from a Newton South defender.

  • Knapp makes a move past Newton South junior Jennifer Buras.

  • Sophomore Victoria Cavallo fights for the ball.

  • Kiefer sweeps low to pass a ball.

  • Senior captain Corinne Neumeyer sprints to steal the ball from her opponent.

  • Senior Emily Hanania follows the ball toward the goal.

  • Kiefer runs back to retrieve a ball and bring it back up to the offensive half.

  • Kiefer protects the ball from a Newton South defender.

  • Cavallo steps in front of a dangerous player to force a bad shot from Newton South.

  • Sophomore Marley Miller reaches to clear the ball out of Wayland's defensive end.

  • Hanania pressures Newton South senior Alexandra Appel.

  • Senior Lily Tardif sweeps the ball into the offensive end.

  • Miller passes the ball back to Tardif to set her up for a shot.

  • Tardif aims a shot at the goal.

  • Miller and Tardif celebrate after Wayland scores their fifth goal.

  • Kiefer runs back to protect Wayland's defensive half.

  • Wayland is up 5-1 against Newton South for their first win.

  • Kiefer clears the ball out of the defensive half.

  • Cavallo holds possession as Newton South senior Emma McKee gives pressure.

  • Wayland goes in for a team hug.

  • Wayland celebrates their first win of the season.

  • Junior Fatma Sayeh jumps in celebration of the win.

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