MOTS: Students share their favorite things about fall


Credit: WSPN Staff

WHS students share their thoughts on autumn. “I’d said my favorite thing about fall is the temperature of fall,” junior Owen Smith said.

Meredith Prince and Ellie Tyska

From the changing leaves to celebrating Thanksgiving with family, there are many reasons to love fall. WHS students are looking forward to a wide variety of things, ranging from fall sports to Thanksgiving

Emily Chau, freshman
“My favorite part of fall is definitely soccer season and Thanksgiving. I love soccer season because soccer is my favorite sport, and the team turns into a little family throughout the season. I love Thanksgiving because I love food, and I also love being able to see and hang out with all of my family for the day.”
Polina Rod, sophomore
“My favorite thing about fall is playing field hockey because it’s one of my favorite sports. I love the warm sweaters, the leaves changing colors, drinking hot chocolate and it’s close to Christmas. I love dressing up for Halloween and seeing people’s houses decorated. I love eating pumpkin pie, and my favorite food during Thanksgiving are mashed potatoes.”
Raseed Parham, sophomore
“One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to play soccer because fall has the perfect weather and it feels really good. I also like looking at the trees because the leaves change colors, and it’s very pretty. I also enjoy the weather and layering up because sweaters look cool. It’s also Thanksgiving time which is my favorite holiday because of all the food. My favorite food is definitely apple pie because I’m a mad apple pie whiz. I also like Halloween because of the candy.”
Arden Knapp, junior
“My favorite thing about fall is going apple picking with my friends and getting apple cider donuts.”
Olivia Tacelli, senior
“My favorite thing about fall is the smell of a fresh bowl of candy corn. I also really enjoy pumpkin flavored everything. I enjoy autumn and when the leaves change because when I take my dogs for a walk through the woods, it’s absolutely superb to see the colors.”
Joseph Barenboim, freshman
“My favorite thing about fall is Halloween because you get to go around to other people’s houses and get candy. It’s like a little kid’s dream. I’m a little bit older now, so I take my sisters around doing it. It’s always fun doing it anyways, like when you open the door.”
Owen Smith, junior
“I’d said my favorite thing about fall is the temperature of fall. It’s a good comfortable temperature. It’s nice weather. In the summer, I have the AC on, and in the winter I have the heat up. But when I’m in my car [in the fall], I just turn it off completely. Only in the fall.”
Eric Greene, senior
“My favorite thing about fall is soccer. I love playing with my team and with the second half of the season starting, we are really getting after it to make the playoffs. We’re working our tails off.”