Artist of the Month: Gabby Fargnoli


Credit: Courtesy of Gabriella Fargnoli

A piece created by senior Gabby Fargnoli. Fargnoli, who has had an interest in Mixed Media from a young age, hopes to pursue her passion after high school. “I think the [work] that I am most proud of would have to be a really, really big piece in eighth grade,” Fargnoli said.

Throughout their high school careers, students at WHS have to participate in at least one year of art to graduate. However, most people drop the class after finishing the requirement. Only a small percentage of students choose to continue taking some form of an art class throughout high school. Oftentimes those students slowly build a portfolio but never send it out. An even smaller group of students decides to send their portfolios to colleges along with their applications, hoping to continue their passion after high school. Senior Gabriella Fargnoli is a member of this dedicated group.

“I’m planning to go to school for Art and Design, [but] I think my concentration [for my] major is going to be Film and Photography,” Fargnoli said. “However, I’m also going to do interrelated media and studio art.”

Fargnoli’s commitment to art began before she entered high school. She knew she wanted to go further with art in eighth grade after finishing her favorite piece.

“I think the [artwork] that I am most proud of would have to be a really, really big piece in eighth grade. It was 5×5 feet and it took me the whole year, but that’s when I really decided that I really loved [creating],” Fargnoli said. “It was chalk pastel; a giant rendition of a picture.”

Unlike most students, Fargnoli continued her art career throughout her time at WHS. She is currently enrolled in Honors Art 4. Fargnoli creates artwork both in and out of class.

“[I’m doing] gesture drawing for Honors Art 4,” Fargnoli said. “But personally I’m working on portraits at home.”

From a young age, Fargnoli has held an interest in Mixed Media in general, but she plans to focus on specific aspects of the practice when she attends college next fall.

“[I] just kind of personally got into [art]. I’ve always really liked photography, music videos and other [aspects], music-wise. I like to create my own stuff too,” Fargnoli said. “I want to get into [it more] in college.”