Boys’ soccer ties Weston (29 photos)

Remmi Shaw

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The boys’ varsity soccer team tied Weston  0-0 at home last Thursday.

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  • Junior Kyle Mabe chases the ball.

  • Senior Devin Wong runs down the field to follow the play.

  • Freshman Jackson Dresens is pushed by a Weston player.

  • Dresens attempts to outrun the opposition.

  • Senior Jack Dretler attempts to gain possession of the ball on a throw in.

  • Senior captain Gage Fuller heads the ball.

  • Senior Christian Kiernan makes a break down the field with the ball.

  • Senior Ben Johnson kicks the ball out of the defensive end.

  • Mabe sprints to follow the ball.

  • Dretler saves the ball from going out of bounds.

  • Kiernan looks down the field to make a play.

  • Dretler cuts to the middle.

  • Mabe takes a shot on net.

  • The team sets up for a throw-in.

  • Wayland lines up to defend a free kick.

  • Senior captain Andrew D'Amico receives a pass.

  • Senior captain Jake Tyska clears the ball.

  • Tyska follows the play in front of the net.

  • Sophomore Zach Campana takes a shot on goal.

  • Senior Mateos Norian takes a corner kick.

  • Mabe looks for passing opportunities.

  • D'Amico follows the ball.

  • Kiernan makes a run down the field.

  • Fuller steps to the ball.

  • Wong runs to create a passing option.

  • Fuller crosses the ball.

  • Fuller attempts to gain possession of the ball.

  • Dretler runs to trap the ball.

  • The team cools down after tying Weston 0-0.

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