News Brief: MVP hosts Dignity Matters drive

Collecting donations for bras, underwear, tampons, pads


Credit: Courtesy of Rachel Hanks

The donation bin for the Dignity Matter drive outside of room B220. The Mentors for Violence Prevention program (MVP) is hosting a drive for Dignity Matters from Oct. 1 through Oct. 31. “This is an important issue we need to deal with,” Hanks said.

Michael German and Adam Welcher

The Mentors in Violence Prevention program (MVP) is holding a drive for Dignity Matters for the first time. Since Oct. 1, MVP has been collecting donations of feminine hygiene products such as bras, underwear, tampons and pads. Although MVP Co-Adviser Rachel Hanks is aware that this could create an awkward discomfort for students walking into school with these products, she hopes students and faculty will donate before the drive ends on Oct. 31.

The drive began when the Wayland-founded organization Dignity Matters asked the MVP program to participate. Dignity Matters supports domestic violence shelters around the state. The MVP program agreed and found it well-fitting, as October is Relationship Violence Awareness month.

“This is an important issue we need to deal with,” Hanks said. “Most domestic violence shelters and schools are funded by the state and government, and there is simply not enough money to go around for all of the necessities.”

Hanks notes that shelters often overlook feminine products and rely on donations to fully support vulnerable women. Hanks and the MVP program aspire to help fade domestic violence issues from society one step at a time.