Moken Airwalk: local band takes off

Ian Stack

The band Moken Airwalk, established in 2006 and previously called the Mighty Jungle, is on fire at Wayland High School. Their recent successes include winning a Battle of the Bands competition in Framingham out of twelve bands, placing second in a Battle of the Bands in Natick, playing multiple gigs at various cafes, and opening for The Cab, a group signed to the same label as Fall Out Boy and Panic At the Disco. To follow up all this, they started selling their new CD in May, which includes their hit song La Ciudad.

Moken Airwalk has been together for one year, practicing regularly in a small garage. The group consists of lead singer Carter Schultz, bassist Angelo Catanese, guitarist Jake Hebert, and drummer David von Mering. The surprising thing is that they have many other hobbies as well. Moken Airwalk members love to chill, play soccer, skateboard, and are mostly outstanding students.

Moken Airwalk’s CDs can be bought from any of the band members or their manager Griffin McGrail, for $2. The group is also now offering to play at graduation parties. To contact Moken Airwalk, call Carter Schultz at 508-314-4204 or visit their myspace page.