Girls’ volleyball defeats Bedford (27 photos)

Jess Reilly

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The varsity girls’ volleyball team defeated Bedford 3-1 on Tuesday, Oct. 23. The win helped them qualify for the volleyball division 2 north state tournament.

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  • Junior Izzy VanRooyen smacks the ball over the net.

  • Teammates celebrate as another point goes up on the scoreboard.

  • Junior Ava Tang checks her surroundings.

  • Senior Lindsey Robison jumps for the ball.

  • VanRooyen hits the ball into the air.

  • Players throw their hands up in celebration.

  • Robison looks over her shoulder at her teammates.

  • Wayland jumps into a huddle.

  • Senior Michelle Mei smiles before her next play.

  • McGah pumps her fist into the air.

  • McGah prepares for her next play.

  • Mei leaps at the net.

  • The teams huddles together to talk strategy.

  • Tang waves a hand in the air.

  • McGah and VanRooyen slap each other high-five.

  • VanRooyen and Robinson leap up towards the balll.

  • McGah heads towards the ball.

  • VanRooyen stays alert as she watches the ball.

  • McGah pumps the ball over the net.

  • Juniors Megan Sin and Shae Hanlon gather with their team.

  • Senior Ines Alpendre sends the ball over the net.

  • Tang serves the ball.

  • VanRooyen pauses to smile at the camera.

  • VanRooyen, McGah and Tang share a smile on the court.

  • Mei meets with her teammates.

  • Captains junior Ava Tang and senior Noelle McGah high-five junior Izzy VanRooyen during a game against Bedford. The No. 19-seeded girls' volleyball team defeated No. 2 Danvers in the first round of playoffs. “Over time, the volleyball program has been getting stronger,” Tang said.

    Credit: Jess Reilly

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