Boys’ soccer beats Bedford in North Quarterfinals (48 photos)

Remmi Shaw

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The boys’ varsity soccer team defeated Bedford 5-3 in the North Quarterfinals on Sunday. The game went into double overtime and then to a shootout where senior goalie Nick Smith made a crucial save to advance the team into the next round of playoffs.

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  • Senior Christian Kiernan looks down the field to make a play.

  • Freshman Jackson Dresens pressures a Bedford player.

  • Junior Kyle Mabe crosses the ball.

  • Senior captain Jake Tyska celebrates a goal.

  • Senior goalie Nick Smith celebrates at center field.

  • Mabe dribbles down the field.

  • Senior captain Andrew D'Amico makes a move on a Bedford defender.

  • Senior captain Gage Fuller runs beyond the play to find an outlet.

  • D'Amico cuts to the right with the ball.

  • Senior Jack Dretler runs down the field.

  • Senior Mateos Norian follows the play to the sideline.

  • Smith throws the ball out of the goalie box.

  • Senior captain Gage Fuller dribbles the ball down the field.

  • Senior Ben Johnson runs onto the ball.

  • Senior Rafael Chaves moves to the right with the ball.

  • D'Amico gets pressured by a Bedford defender.

  • Smith traps the ball on the goal line.

  • Senior Devin Wong reaches for the ball.

  • Fuller turns down the field with the ball.

  • The teams prepare for a Bedford corner kick.

  • Norian crosses the ball.

  • Tyska brings the ball down sideline.

  • Chaves beats a Bedford defender.

  • The team gathers before the first overtime.

  • Smith yells to tell the players where to line up for a goal kick.

  • Kiernan darts down the field with the ball.

  • Mabe makes a move to the middle off the sideline.

  • Senior Eric Greene looks to make a play.

  • Norian darts to defend the ball.

  • D'Amico dribbles around a Bedford defender.

  • D'Amico chases the ball down the field.

  • D'Amico volleys the ball.

  • Wong steps to the ball.

  • Smith and Tyska wish each other luck before the penalty kick shootout.

  • Fuller lines up to take his penalty kick.

  • Wayland fans cheer after Fuller scores.

  • Smith lines up to defend a penalty kick.

  • Mabe celebrates his shootout goal.

  • Kiernan high-fives head coach David Gavron.

  • Smith jumps to hug Tyska.

  • Tyska and Wong hug after the last goaal is scored in the shootout.

  • Fuller and Norian stand together in shock.

  • Johnson and Mabe greet their former teammates after the game.

  • The team runs to their parents to celebrate.

  • Smith hugs his younger sister after the win.

  • Former captain Zack Dresens embraces Fuller.

  • Wong lies on the ground after the double overtime win.

  • The team poses for a picture after winning 5-3 against Bedford.

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