Revamped Student Council implements new activities


Credit: Hannah Rice

Students participate in a donut eating competition. This activity was planned by the new Student Council as part of its efforts to engage the student body. “We want to be more involved and we want people to know what Student Council does and why we’re here,” Cabral said.

Christos Belibasakis

The Student Council has chosen to implement new activities involving the student body this year in hopes of getting more students involved in student life.

Held in the commons, one competition had studentents guessing how many pieces of candy corn were in a jar. The winner walked away with a $10 gift card to Dunkin’. Student Council members hope that more students become involved in these activities.

“We [had the] candy corn guessing [competition] because we’re trying to get more active during the school day,” junior Student Council representative Aidan Bonner said. “Once in a while on Friday, once every two weeks or maybe just once a month, we’ll have an activity just to get people involved.”

Student Council also held a donut-eating competition on Oct. 26 in the spirit of Halloween.

“We had donuts on a string and had kids keep their hands behind their back and try to get [the donuts] with their mouths,” junior Student Council representative Shawn Bernier said. “That was pretty fun and interesting.”

Bernier hopes that he and other Student Council representatives will be able to organize more activities involving students going forward this school year.

“Basically, [the activities are] a different way for the community to connect with each other,” Bernier said. “[They include] a lot of activities that are liked overall, like ‘Minute to Win It,’ ‘Spin the Wheel’ [and] ‘Family Feud,’” Bernier said.

The members of the Student Council feel like their new ideas offer a chance of renewal, for they feel that past Student Councils have not offered enough interaction with the student body.

“Our Student Council this year is the revamped version of Student Council, so we’re trying to have people connect with our members in case there [are] issues that need to be addressed or ideas [students] want to get across,” Bernier said. “We’re here for [the student body], and we want this community to be [made up of] strong people.”

“We wanted to include all members of the student body in this community, so we’re trying to reach out to everyone and to [all] different aspects of people, so that’s one of our goals,” junior Student Council representative Adianez Cabral said.

Another goal of the Student Council is to make changes to Winter Week, something that students have had complaints about in years past.

“We’re just taking a vote and asking students what they think would be better than last year’s [Winter Week] and getting more exciting stuff,” Bonner said. “We ask students through face-to-face conversations. We haven’t finalized everything, so right now [this year’s Winter Week] is somewhat similar [to previous years]. [Students] should be excited to do everything [and] not just happy to miss class,” Bonner said.

The recent activities organized by the Student Council have been met with positive feedback by members of the student body.

“I think that the new Student Council has been doing an excellent job,” junior Owen Smith said. “Overall, I’m very pleased with their work.”

While new members of the Student Council are looking to get students more involved, the main goal of the Student Council, which is to strengthen the school, has remained constant over the years.

“We want to be more involved and we want people to know what Student Council does and why we’re here,” Cabral said. “[We want] to try to change the school so that it can be the best it can be.”