Students walk out to protest the change of school start times (27 photos)

Charlie Moore and Meredith Prince

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Wayland High School students participated in a walkout during second block on Monday, Nov. 19. The students were protesting the change in school start times. The walkout was organized by junior Jaden Brewington.

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  • Junior Jaden Brewington holds the door open for students walking out.

  • Sophomores Khalia Hamilton, Issy Carrera and Danejiah Franklin walk under an umbrella.

  • Juniors Kael Bonds and Brett Morris walk around the school.

  • Students walk past the South building.

  • Students talk as they walk around the school.

  • Sophomores Carly Scheidemantel and Mia Mazokopos smile during the walkout.

  • Students finish their lap around the school.

  • Sophomores Max Brande and Dany Olivo smile while walking around the school.

  • The students walk past the school towards the basketball court.

  • Students walk on the sidewalk as cars pass by.

  • A police car passes the students.

  • Junior Savannah Sugar walks through snow.

  • Students continue to walk to the basketball court.

  • Students look around at the basketball court.

  • Students walk down the wet sidewalk.

  • Students walk past the Wayland High School sign.

  • Students collate around Brewington as he speaks with local news stations.

  • Several news stations hold microphones to the students.

  • Brewington speaks during an interview.

  • Students watch the cars pass by.

  • Students walk past the softball field in the rain.

  • Seniors Gage Fuller and Karma Freeman speak during an interview.

  • Sophomores smile during the walkout.

  • Brewington looks around at the students gathered at the basketball court.

  • Students walk through the wet, snowy grass.

  • Junior Kuran Freeman is interviewed.

  • Students watch the interviews.

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