WHS shows colors on Spirit Day (38 photos)

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Spirit Day brings students at WHS together each year through friendly competitions and schoolwide events. This year, students were separated into four teams that competed in various activities around the school. Spirit Day took place on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving.

In previous years, students were separated to compete by grade, with freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors wearing different colors and playing for points against other grades. This year, students from different grades were mixed together, with colors being divided among advisories.

“This makes it more fun because you can compete against your friends rather than different grades,” Student Council President Amanda Armstrong said.

The new plan for Spirit Day was intended to be more competitive as well as a chance to be mobile around the school.

“We [wanted] to make Spirit Day more competitive and interactive, so we thought it was time for a change,” Armstrong said. “What people may not realize is that they [were] traveling [more] throughout the day with their grades and friends.”

Students played Coke and Pepsi in the WHS commons and Family Feud in the theater and lecture hall. Students also participated in activities in the field house and Pictionary in classrooms. The day concluded with a pep rally in the field house.

In addition to activities on Wednesday, Student Council wanted to extend school-wide spirit throughout the week. During school on Monday, students were asked to wear their pajamas to school. On Tuesday, seniors wore orange and black while underclassmen wore all black. The student versus faculty basketball game was held in the field house on the Tuesday night before Spirit Day.

“We hope that people [had] a lot of fun and that Spirit Day becomes a more competitive school-wide event,” Armstrong said.

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  • Juniors Fatma Sayeh and Christina Taxiarchis dress in yellow to show team spirit.

  • The blue team pulls during tug of war.

  • Sophomore Will Obar watches “Family Feud.”

  • Freshmen Ali Baron and Nora Ward get excited for their first Spirit Day.

  • Junior Maddie Olstein laughs during Pictionary.

  • Junior Shawn Bernier laughs at a drawing.

  • Seniors decide whose team will go first.

  • Seniors Amelia Brodney and Sophia Schroeder take a break from “Family Feud.”

  • Freshmen Taylor Hsu, Adam Goodfellow, Emily Staiti and Kaitlyn Mabe won the freshmen’s round of “Coke and Pepsi.”

  • Juniors Zoe Hughes, Kayla Poulson and Caitlin Newton smile during a round of “Family Feud.”

  • The seniors smile for a group photo.

  • Senior Brian Carmichael hands the microphone to senior Abby Mitty.

  • The seniors surprise the school with a flash mob. Back row from left to right: Lauren Campbell and Dale Lippincott. Middle row from left to right: Jack Crowley, Eden Vanslette, Kate Balicki and Haley Rice. Front row from left to right: Nicole Erdekian and Hannah Rice.

  • Junior CJ Brown prepares for the wheelbarrow race.

  • The yellow team struggles during tug of war.

  • The teachers pull to win.

  • Staiti sits on Mabe’s knee for the schoolwide round of “Coke and Pepsi.”

  • Junior Marcos Perriera crouches before running.

  • Juniors Stone Harris, Brown and Timmy Goodfellow are satisfied with their game.

  • Sophomore Jimmy Paugh answers questions from TA Joel Mode during “Family Feud.”

  • Junior Jane Greenaway and Newton smile after a game of “Coke and Pepsi.”

  • Juniors from four different colors put competition aside to take a picture. Back row from left to right: Alexandra Kennedy, Emma Levy, Hailey Robinson, Lily Jenzeh, Fatma Sayeh, Isabel Mishara and Christina Taxiarchis. Front row from left to right: Gabriella Rostler and Jessica Reilly.

  • Juniors Ethan Betancourt, Kyle Mabe and Zeke Betancourt wear Lakers jerseys while being photobombed by junior Jasper Hsu.

  • Juniors dress in costume. From left to right: Robert Glazer, Owen Smith, Matt Behrle and Aidan Keenan.

  • Junior girls rejoice after “Coke and Pepsi.” From left to right: Caroline Lampert, Kay Tilley, Maddie Olstein, Melissa Tilley, Carly Camphausen, Izzy VanRooyen, Arden Knapp and Emma Sheehan.

  • Sophomores Lizzy Strehle, Jess Robinson and Emmie O’Shaugnessy get excited before “Coke and Pepsi.”

  • Obar laughs during “Coke and Pepsi.”

  • Runners dash to their partners.

  • Sophomores prepare to sprint. From left to right: Cassie McGonagle, Julia Mele, Ella L’Esperance, Abby Gavron, Max Brande and Maya Baranovsky.

  • Juniors Hallie Bachman and Jenna Ferrick smile during the carnival.

  • Juniors sit and chat during the carnival. Back: Maggie Britton. Middle: Cecelia Murphy and Jaya Mills. Front: Lilly Brooks and Keren Dahan.

  • Seniors Eileen Chau, Kate Balicki, Anika Das and Mitty smile before testing their skills at “Family Feud.”

  • Senior Xander Livingston cheers his team on.

  • Juniors Kay Tilley and Charlie Moore race to draw during Pictionary.

  • Freshmen smile during the pep rally.

  • Carmichael gets the crowd excited.

  • Seniors nae-nae back.

  • Junior Sidney Toga howls in pain from rope burn.

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