WHS shows colors on Spirit Day (38 photos)

Spirit Day brings students at WHS together each year through friendly competitions and schoolwide events. This year, students were separated into four teams that competed in various activities around the school. Spirit Day took place on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving.

In previous years, students were separated to compete by grade, with freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors wearing different colors and playing for points against other grades. This year, students from different grades were mixed together, with colors being divided among advisories.

“This makes it more fun because you can compete against your friends rather than different grades,” Student Council President Amanda Armstrong said.

The new plan for Spirit Day was intended to be more competitive as well as a chance to be mobile around the school.

“We [wanted] to make Spirit Day more competitive and interactive, so we thought it was time for a change,” Armstrong said. “What people may not realize is that they [were] traveling [more] throughout the day with their grades and friends.”

Students played Coke and Pepsi in the WHS commons and Family Feud in the theater and lecture hall. Students also participated in activities in the field house and Pictionary in classrooms. The day concluded with a pep rally in the field house.

In addition to activities on Wednesday, Student Council wanted to extend school-wide spirit throughout the week. During school on Monday, students were asked to wear their pajamas to school. On Tuesday, seniors wore orange and black while underclassmen wore all black. The student versus faculty basketball game was held in the field house on the Tuesday night before Spirit Day.

“We hope that people [had] a lot of fun and that Spirit Day becomes a more competitive school-wide event,” Armstrong said.