Football defeats Weston in annual Thanksgiving game (28 photos)

Carly Camphausen and Caroline Lampert

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  • The Weston team huddles to discuss their next play.

  • Wayland's defense holds Weston.

  • Wayland's defense attacks Weston.

  • Weston senior Junior Uga runs towards the end zone.

  • Both teams line up for the next play.

  • The refs move to assess an injured player while the teams take a knee.

  • Coach Newton gives Wayland a pep talk during a timeout.

  • Wayland jogs back onto the field after a timeout.

  • Weston's offense prepares to hike the ball.

  • Junior Marcos Pereira runs off the field after a Weston touchdown.

  • Senior Wellington Pereira holds up a ball on the sidelines.

  • Junior CJ Brown looks back at his teammates before hiking the ball.

  • Brown hikes the ball.

  • Both teams separate after the play.

  • Wellington Pereira escapes the Weston defender and goes for a touchdown.

  • Wellington Pereira is pursued by a Weston defender.

  • Junior Kuran Freeman claps after Wellington Pereira's touchdown.

  • Wayland and Weston line up.

  • Players walk off the field at halftime. Wayland leads 14-8.

  • Wayland tries to break the Weston offense to tackle the quarterback.

  • Junior Matt Steneri watches the Weston huddle.

  • Wayland disperses after talking with the refs.

  • Weston's sidelines watch the final seconds of the game.

  • Junior Cameron Jones walks towards the huddle.

  • Wayland prepares for the final play of the game.

  • Wayland's defense waits for the refs to start the play.

  • Senior Brooks Jones watches his coaches for the next play.

  • Wayland's coaches wait for the buzzer.

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The boys’ varsity football team defeated Weston in the annual Thanksgiving game. The game was moved to Wednesday night due to the extreme cold expected on Thanksgiving morning. The game was played at Wayland and ended with a final score of 48-8.

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