Sidney Toga: When I step onto a track, everything around me becomes irrelevant


Credit: Courtesy of James Toga

Junior Sidney Toga starts the varsity 100 meter-dash. Toga has participated on both of the Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field teams since his freshman year. “My favorite thing about track is the pure intensity of it,” Toga said.

During last year’s 2017-2018 season, junior Sidney Toga was ranked as the 15th fastest sophomore in the state in the 100-meter dash. Toga has been running on the varsity indoor and outdoor track and field teams since his freshman year.

During the indoor track season, Toga participates in the 55-meter dash and the 4×200 meter relay race. In spring, Toga participates in the 100-meter dash, the 200-meter dash and the 4×100 meter relay for the outdoor track season.

Toga discovered his talent in 8th grade and has been competing ever since.

“I think I have always been attracted to running,” Toga said.

After competing in numerous track meets, Toga has discovered why he has a passion for this sport.

“My favorite thing about track is the pure intensity of it,” Toga said. “As soon as I step out onto a track for a race, everything around me becomes irrelevant. The intensity and competitiveness inside [of] me comes out in full force and it fuels my love for the sport.”

From freshman year until now, Toga has improved on and off of the track. Off the track, he’s become a better teammate and more involved with the sport, while on the track he’s improved his techniques, and has gotten into better condition.

Toga receives the baton from junior Matthew Steneri in the 4×100 meter relay race.
Credit: Courtesy of James Toga

Toga most recently ran the 100-meter dash in 11.67 seconds, the 55-meter dash in 7.00 seconds, an 11.3 seconds split in the 4×100-meter relay and a 23.5 seconds split in the 4×200-meter relay.

Although Toga has improved his personal records, those are not his biggest achievement. Toga’s biggest accomplishment was winning 3rd place as part of the 4×200 relay at the 2018 Massachusetts State Relay Meet with junior Mason Bolivar, senior Jack Karbowski and 2018 graduate Ryan Tapply.

Besides training in-season, Toga always stays motivated and determined to train during his off-seasons.

“One important thing that I have learned is that if you work hard in the offseason, it will show on the track once the season rolls around,” Toga said. “[During my off-season], I spend a lot of [my] time in the weight room with one run around 3.5 miles a week.”

As many athletes can attest to, off-season motivation can be difficult to maintain. Toga stays motivated by thinking of the upcoming season and trying to lower his times.

Credit: Courtesy of Sidney Toga
Toga stands with junior Mason Bolivar, graduate Ryan Tapply and senior Jack Karbowski after they won third place in the 4×200 meter relay at the Massachusetts State Relay Meet.

As a junior, Toga will be an important leader to the team.

“I try to get out on the track and lead warm-ups as much as I can,” Toga said. “I also try to motivate others around me as much as possible at practice and meets because I know that helped me when I was a freshman and sophomore.”

For the current season, Toga’s goal is to be a Dual County League (DCL) all-star, place top 8 in the state and top 5 in the DCL.

“I have been a three season, 2nd team, DCL all-star and placed 9th in the DCL last year, so I am really looking forward to a fresh season,” Toga said. “[But,] my biggest goal is to focus on staying healthy for the upcoming year so that I can perform to the best of my ability and hit the target times I’ve made for myself.”

Toga hopes to continue his track career in college. He started to connect with schools last spring, and according to Toga, he’s received positive feedback from them.