Review: Escape Room

Released in January 2019,


Released in January 2019, "Escape Room" is a thrilling horror movie that intertwines unique character background stories with an interesting escape room theme.

Christos Belibasakis

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Escape Room, the self-labeled psychological horror movie, took audiences by surprise as it rose to become the fourth-highest grossing film so far in 2019. The horror film, which fits more under the title of a thriller, follows a group of six people who are invited to a mysterious escape room game, which, unbeknownst to them, will become deadly. Escape Room was a pleasant surprise in the present era of disappointing and poorly made horror movies, and its atmosphere and strong characters made it a film worth watching. However, the plot of the film was too familiar, and it could have taken the unique idea of an escape room competition to an even higher level.

Escape Room starts by going into a short background into the six participants of the game. Each person is shown receiving a mysterious puzzle-like invitation which invites them to the Minos Escape Room Facility. The group is competing for a 10,000 dollar prize, and they each walk into a waiting room, which they quickly realize is the first room they must escape. The participants struggle to believe that they are just playing a game once the first room converts into a large oven, which gradually grows hotter until the group barely escapes with their lives. In the next room, the deadly consequences of the game are realized, and the number of survivors left in the game start to dwindle.

Throughout the film, an interesting element of each character’s backstory is mixed into the escape room scenes, and it is revealed that every single character that was invited to partake in the game was a sole survivor in a tragic event. In a sick twist of fate, they realize that they were invited to the escape room in order to see who would be the final sole survivor. While it may seem to be a minor part of the film, intertwining the character’s backstories saved the mediocre plot and added a unique aspect to the film.

While the plot of the film does seem like it has been done before in multiple films, Escape Room provides audiences with a Saw-like film mixed with the idea of an escape room, and without all of the gore. There were still good moments of suspense, and the characters aren’t the typical ones you would expect in a thriller, making the film even stronger.

Although the suspense and storyline of Escape Room were strong, the ending could have seen some improvements. The ending strayed far from the basic premise of the movie, and the origins of the Minos Escape Room Facility were not explained. However, the ending was obviously a set-up for a sequel, and it will be interesting to see what will happen to the survivors of the escape room when they clash once again with the game makers.

Escape Room worth watching if you are looking for a thrilling film with a unique twist. While elements of its plot may seem familiar, the strong storytelling and characterization of the film make it a breath of fresh air in today’s stale horror genre.

Rating: 8/10

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