Wayland state champions honored at Fenway Park (14 photos)

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  • State Championship teams gather from across the state to be honored on Fenway Park's field for their great victory. Wayland girls and boys swim teams as well as the boys soccer team were included in the honourees.

  • Senior soccer players Ben Johnson and Devin Wong chow down on Fenway sausages outside of the park. The state champions wait outside of gate C before walking on the field.

  • The boys soccer team get together so Gavron can give everyone a field access pass. Every state champion teams are honored at Fenway on the park's field.

  • Fenway park slowly fills with fans before the ceremony. The Boston Red Sox played the Oakland Athletics.

  • Red Sox starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez throws a ball across the field during warm ups.

  • Senior swim captains Rose Kiefer, Emma Diianni, Amanda Armstrong and junior Jane Greenaway wave at the camera.

  • The boys soccer team smiles at the crowd as the jumbotron is presented to the stadium.

  • Swim coach Keith Meliones shakes the hand of Seth Shuman who coordinated with the state champions to make this ceremony happen.

  • Parents of the honoured athletes gather in the stands to get the best view of the ceremony before heading to their seats for the game.

  • The boys swim team smiles at the camera as they are projected onto the jumbotron screen presented to the stadium.

  • The girls swim team celebrates their State Championship as they are presented on the jumbotron to the crowd.

  • Members of the boys swim team and swim team coach Michael Foley holds his son as they strut off of the field.

  • Senior soccer players Gage Fuller and Eric Greene show off their state championship rings as they walk off the field. Fuller also wears a championship ring from boys soccer's 2016 win.

  • Senior soccer players Josh Brient, Alex Kashian, Mateos Norian and Jake Tyska smile at the camera as they exit the field.

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Wayland varsity boys soccer and boys and girls swim teams step onto Fenway’s field to be honored for their state championship victories. The boys soccer team won their third state championship title in five years during the fall of 2018. The boys swim team continued their three-year winning streak with another title in February 2019. The girls swim team won their first state victory in five years in February 2019.

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