News Brief: White power symbol discovered in WHS bathroom stall


A white power symbol was found in a bathroom stall yesterday. Administration and the Wayland Police Department are currently investigating the matter.

Meredith Prince

Yesterday morning, the WHS administration became aware of a bathroom tile that had “White Power” written on it. A symbol was created by connecting the letters “W” and “P,” and the entire message was written in pencil. It was roughly two inches high and three inches wide, according to WHS principal Allyson Mizoguchi, via an email. This symbol is similar to a gesture seen today known as the “okay hand gesture” that began as a hoax but is now more commonly a sign of hate.

Mizoguchi sent an email regarding the incident to all WHS students and their parents yesterday evening. The Wayland Police Department and administration are currently investigating the matter. Mizoguchi also provided resources in her email for parents to discuss hate symbols and incidents with their children, such as the Anti-Defamation League website and The Southern Poverty Law Center under their “Hate and Extremism” section. There are many resources for students who have questions or comments about this subject, such as talking with Mizoguchi, a guidance counselor, or any trusted adult on campus.