Senior night: Girls lacrosse takes down Acton-Boxborough (15 photos)

Joanna Barrow

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  • Junior Erin Greenberg lunges in front of an offensive player to defend their goal.

  • Wayland congregates to celebrate after scoring a goal.

  • Senior Kate Balicki squats as she and an Acton-Boxborough player fight for the ball following the game reset after Wayland's goal.

  • Junior Carly Camphausen and Balicki fight for the ball off of the draw.

  • Senior Lily Tardif fakes to the right to evade a defender as she rushes to the net.

  • Junior Caroline Lampert scans the field for an open teammate as Wayland gets closer to scoring another point.

  • Acton-Boxborough lunges forward in defense as Balicki careers toward the goal.

  • Defensive players swarm Balicki as she prepares to shoot.

  • Balicki takes the draw after Wayland scored another goal.

  • Balicki rushes down the field to help their team mates on offense.

  • Balicki charges toward the net with Acton-Boxborough close behind.

  • Lampert shoots the ball as the opposing team's goalie defends their net.

  • Camphausen flies toward the net with the ball.

  • Freshmen Julia Wegerbauer, Sophie Ellenbogen, Emily Staiti, junior Christina Taxiarchis and sophomore Marley Miller pose for a photo on the sidelines.

  • Wayland puts their hands together for a team cheer before heading back into positions at the end of halftime.

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