News Brief: Structural changes to advisory

More frequent meetings, new grade-based groups


Credit: Meredith Prince

Two major changes will be made to advisory starting next year. Advisory will meet more often and be completely grade-based.

Meredith Prince

Several changes are coming to Advisory next year. During the May 29 advisory, the administration announced the initial two significant structural changes planned.

The first change is that the daily school schedule will be changed so that advisories will meet almost every day for seven minutes in between second and third block. The meetings will be shorter than the current allotted advisory time.

Also, everyone will be assigned to a new advisory next year, likely with a new teacher. Advisories will be grade-level based, so students will be grouped with other members of their graduating class.

More details about the new advisory will be released within the next few weeks or months as administration fine-tunes the program. Currently, advisory meets on Wednesdays after second block for around 25 minutes.