WHS senior events overshadow possible senior prom


Credit: WSPN

Students at WHS have developed in interest in the possibility of a senior prom similar to other high schools. “I can not speak as to why [WHS] doesn’t have senior prom, but I would highly recommend adding it to the end of their year,” LSRHS Junior Grace Dahlaquist said. A majority of 77.7 percent of surveyed students were in favor of a senior prom.

Jessica Reilly

Why Wayland doesn’t have a senior prom in addition to its junior prom has been a question amongst students for years. Instead of the regularity of a senior prom, seniors at WHS take part in a series of senior events leading up to their graduation.

“We have a senior cruise [and] a senior class night at Lombardo’s [Nightclub],” Class of 2019 President Rose Kiefer said. “Then, we have an awards night, which is basically an academic awards night. And then we graduate.”

Like prom, these events take extensive fundraising and planning efforts from student government.

“Over the past three years, we’ve really been fundraising,” Kiefer said. “So we have money from that, but also [from] prom last year, we made some money off of that. Then, we’ve done cookie dough fundraisers and random stuff like that. We also have class dues, so people have to turn those in because those also fund the class events.”

Senior events are a highlight of the year for many and are a nice way to conclude high school with one’s classmates. The senior cruise in Boston is a boat ride with an included dinner. Many enjoy taking photos with their classmates, and they often sport their college apparel.

“I feel like [students] enjoy prom, but senior events are the most looked forward to,” Kiefer said. “Like the cruise and stuff [were] fun because we’re all into college now.”

While senior spring activities are thoroughly enjoyed, the Class of 2019 considered having a senior prom following their sophomore semi-formal. The plan, however, was not executed, and the class continued the tradition of senior spring activities instead of a senior prom.

“I have no idea [why Wayland doesn’t have senior prom]. I think we are such a small school, so it’s probably [because] junior prom is enough for one year,” Kiefer said. “Sophomore year after semi, people wanted to do [a senior prom], but we never did.”

According to a poll of 301 WHS students, 77.7% of the students responded that they wish that WHS had an additional senior prom. Another 23% said they thought that 90% of high schools had senior prom, and 42% thought that 75% of schools have a senior prom. Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School differs from Wayland in that it does have a senior prom.

“I go to [Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School], where we have a senior prom in addition to our junior prom,” LS junior Grace Dahlquist said. “I really like having a senior and junior prom because it allows for more opportunities. There are very few annual events [and] traditions at LS, so I always look forward to both proms.”

Similar to Wayland’s junior prom, all grades are permitted as the guest of a senior at LS’ senior prom.

“Students from various grades attend both proms. However, both are made up of either juniors or seniors accordingly,” Dahlquist said.

There are some distinct differences between the junior and senior proms at LS. The junior prom has a nicer venue, professional photographers, limos and party buses, while the senior prom is hosted at Gillette Stadium, and students are transported by coach buses.

“The difference between the two proms event-wise is that junior is typically more formal,” Dahlquist said. “Senior [prom] is more casual.”

This trend of junior prom being more formal also correlates with prom attire for the two events.

“As for attire, girls wear long [and] more formal dresses to junior prom and short dresses to senior [prom],” Dahlquist said. “The boys will often wear fun-patterned suits to senior [prom] and formal tuxes to junior [prom].”

Having two distinctly different proms is something that most students at LS enjoy for many reasons.

“I like having a senior prom as well as [a] junior [prom] because we don’t have many big events like that at LS, so it gives us another event to be excited about,” LS junior Nikki Smith said.

Senior prom has proven to be a hallmark of senior year at LS that students appreciate. Smith hypothesizes that it’s a different school population rather than a lack of interest that has resulted in Wayland’s lack of a senior prom.

“LS probably has a senior prom because it is bigger than Wayland, so it gives more people a chance to go,” Smith said.

Despite the difference in the event itself, WHS’s senior events have the same intentions of LS senior prom: to unite the graduating class.

“LS has a senior prom in order to allow the seniors to enjoy a night together prior to graduation and going off to college. It’s a fun time for everyone to get dressed up and get together for the night,” Dahlquist said. “I anticipate that I will enjoy senior [prom] more seeing as it is casual and a ‘last hoorah’ with your class prior to graduating.”