News Brief: WayCAM studio director Jim Mullane starts fundraiser for new press box and equipment


Credit: Credit: Courtesy of Jim Mullane

According to WayCAM studio director, script to screen and journalism broadcast teacher Jim Mullane, seven new cameras would be added to the field area with the new system. These cameras would have the capability to film all four sports fields. “The more equipment, the more studios, the more things that we have for the public set up so that we can bring people in to train [and] to shoot productions benefit the community as well as [the] students’ learning,’ Mullane said.

Hailey Robinson

Executive WayCAM studio director, script to screen and journalism broadcast teacher, Jim Mullane, began raising funds to expand the WayCAM pressbox amidst the Wayland High School field construction. According to Mullane, incorporating new equipment into the press box and athletic field area will allow WayCAM to have one of the top high school systems of its kind.

“This is something that my board ‘okayed,’ that I got priced, that the school board, superintendent, athletic director and so on [okayed],” Mullane said. “I broached them on this idea of having one of the best sport arena studios in the state, if not the country.”

Mullane released a page on accompanied by a video explaining his purpose and need for funds to support this endeavor. This project will cost between $45,000 and $65,000 which would normally be paid for with the WayCAM capital budget, however, Mullane stated that budget was exceeded years ago. In order to prevent the further use of operational funds, Mullane aspired to raise funds for the new systems himself.

“[The WayCAM] board okayed it so the funds will be there, [but] we’re trying to get other community members to support it so we don’t lose all [of] our operational budget,” Mullane said.

Mullane hopes to increase learning opportunities for his students through the funding of this new equipment.

“The students tell me what they want, so I talked to my class and said ‘What do you think is important?’ and I listened to them as you can see,” Mullane said.