Girls Soccer Team and Wayland community unite for the annual Pam’s Run


Jessica Reilly

Each year, just as the leaves begin to turn, signs and fliers for Pam’s Run are posted in the schools, stores, lawns and intersections across Wayland. Taking place on Oct. 20 at Claypit Hill Elementary School, you’ll be sure to catch members of the girls varsity soccer team at this year’s fundraiser for the Neighbor Brigade.

“Pams Run is a fundraiser through the Neighbor Brigade,” senior varsity soccer captain Ciara Murphy said. “[The Neighbor Brigade] started in Wayland, but now it’s an entire national program.”

Founded by Pam Washek, the Neighbor Brigade works in her memory as a network of volunteers that help families in their community when they are stuck by a crisis.

“The Neighbor Brigade helps families that are in crisis or in need,” senior varsity soccer captain Carly Camphausen said. “It gives them the funds to help with whatever they are struggling with.”

The Neighbor Brigade supports those struggling in their community through volunteers who assist the family with their needs.

“[The Neighbor Brigade] helps families when there’s usually a sickness or they have some type of need,” Murphy said. “Families can sign up to help support that family by bringing them meals, helping them drive places. It’s a community-based online organization.”

During the Neighbor Brigade’s fundraiser, Pam’s Run, the Wayland girls varsity soccer team has played an influential role in the event.

“Every year, the girls soccer team has their own special group,” Camphausen said. “The team is required to sign up as either a volunteer or as a runner, you can do either.”

The team doesn’t just participate on the day of the fundraiser, but helps spread the word about Pam’s Run throughout Wayland.

“To help the organization and spread the word, every year we go and we hand out fliers to local stores like CVS [and] restaurants,” Camphausen said.

Prompted by girls varsity soccer coach, Coach Guy Enoch, the team’s participation in Pam’s Run has been continuous for many years past and for years to come.

“I think the girls soccer team has been involved for about a decade with Pam’s Run,” Murphy said. “Our coach, Coach Guy, got in touch with the owners of Neighbor Brigade. Together, through Pam’s Run, he gets the girls soccer team to help move things around and help with the entire thing.”

Pam’s Run is an exciting event that brings the community of Wayland together in support of the cause.

“It’s great to see how many people come to support it and how excited people are to participate,” Camphausen said.

People from across town and of different ages are involved in the fundraiser and have a great time doing so.

“I really love Pam’s Run – it’s really fun,” Murphy said. “You know, the whole entire town shows up and it’s not just your grade there’s a bunch of past grades and older kids, so it’s a good community event.”

The impressive turnout for Pam’s Run each year can be attributed to the variety of activities and options the fundraiser has.

“[There is] a bunch of different tents and stuff with vendors promoting different stuff, so people can walk around,” Camphausen said. “The main event is at Claypit Hill, and that’s where people can hang out if you don’t want to actually run it. There’s different activities and tents with stuff you can do. If you don’t want to run it, you can walk it and it’s fun to just socialize with people.”

With so many ways to participate, it’s easy to get involved and join the Wayland community in supporting the Neighbor Brigade.

“There’s a bunch of fliers across town, there [are] fliers in the media center currently,” Murphy said. “You can sign up online either as a group or by yourself. It’s only like 20 bucks, you get a free t-shirt and support a good cause.”