News Brief: Update on the field renovation progress


Credit: WSPN Staff

The progress of the field renovations at WHS has been increased to try and finish before winter. Athletic director Heath Rollins suggests keeping all doors and windows at WHS starting Thursday due to the odor of the rubberized urethane track surface

Meredith Prince

Since Wayland’s 2019 Annual Warrant to renovate WHS’ athletic facilities, which passed on April 30, there has been daily construction on the fields and turf in an attempt to finish the project in a timely manner. Recently, the progress on the facility project has been very quick as contractors rush to complete the renovation before winter weather arrives.

This Thursday, Oct. 24, a contractor will be applying the rubberized urethane track surface. This track surface will take 3 days to dry, and it produces a strong odor. Athletic Director Heath Rollins advised that, although the track is a good distance away from the WHS buildings, all doors and windows should be kept closed to minimize any odor in the buildings.