News Brief: Green Team organizes walk, ride, and carpool to school day


Credit: Flickr user Alan Levine

The WHS Green Team encourages students and teachers to walk, bike, or carpool to school on Friday, Nov. 8.

Meredith Prince

The WHS Green Team organized a walk/ride/carpool to school day, which will take place on Friday, Nov. 8. Participants will be entered into a grand raffle and could win a prize for taking part in the event. Participants need to check-in at the desks in front of the school to be entered into the raffle, and everyone is encouraged to wear green. The Green Team has a continuous goal of creating a safer and healthier environment. The goal of this day is for the Green Team to encourage people to live a more sustainable lifestyle so that ecosystems and people can survive.

“I just want people to think about how they can cut their carbon footprint by walking or riding a bike or carpooling,” Green Team adviser Sara Snow said. “[Our] goal is to have students become more aware that [carbon dioxide] admissions are caused by transportation, and they are what’s causing global warming and climate change. In fact, transportation accounts for about 20% of [carbon dioxide] admissions in the world.”