Warriorpedia: The fall musical


Credit: Julia Callini

Velma sincerely thanks the audience during “Nowadays.” According to Ross, Velma changes significantly over the show. “[Velma] realizes if they’re going to survive, they need to trust Roxie, which is going to be extraordinarily hard for them,” Ross said. “Velma is someone who hides their secrets and emotions, and trusting someone is going to be a first for them.”

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Term: The fall musical

When: Last weekend of November

Who: Wayland High School Theater Ensemble(WHSTE)

What: The fall musical is a performance put on by WHSTE as their first performance of the year. For the fall of 2019, the musical will be Chicago–an award winning Broadway production. Auditions are held in early September and rehearsals begin in the days soon after. Rehearsals last for two months and end with a weekend of run-throughs to prepare. WHSTE is responsible for raising money to purchase the licensing for the plays, as well as costumes, props and scenery. The musical has been a tradition of WHS for over 30 years and is a focal point of Spirit Week in order to bring the community together around Thanksgiving.