Spirit Day Sneak Peek


Credit: Julia Callini

Students from last year’s blue team participate in Spirit Day. This year, Spirit Day is returning with many exciting events. “Spirit Day is a time where the entire school gets together and celebrates the community and [have] fun with the community by doing a series of activities in school and after school,” senior Student Council President Shawn Bernier said.

Max Brande and Garrett Spooner

With the second quarter in full swing, students around WHS are finding that they need a break from their demanding schoolwork and rigorous classes. On Wednesday, Nov. 27, students will participate in Spirit Day, an annual tradition at WHS. The entire school will begin the Thanksgiving vacation with a day of games and competitions all around the high school.

“Spirit Day is a day where all students participate in lots of fun activities to sort of take a break and have fun before Thanksgiving,” senior and Student Council Treasurer Josh Snyder said.

The emphasis on being a community at WHS is heavily talked about, so it is important to acknowledge this on a day like Spirit Day.

“Spirit Day is a time where the entire school gets together and celebrates the community and [haves] fun with the community by doing a series of activities in school and after school,” senior and Student Council President Shawn Bernier said.

There are two major parts to Spirit Day: the activities at the beginning of the day and the pep rally at the end. The activities are usually completed in classrooms with smaller groups. The pep rally is then held in the field house.

“[Some activities include] ‘Minute to Win It’ [and] ‘Guess that Song,’” Snyder said. “Obviously, we have some fun things planned for the field house when the whole school comes together.”

Last year, different advisories dressed up in different colors to compete in the various activities during the day. This year, however, the four grades are dressing up in different colors and competing against each other. Freshmen will wear green, sophomores blue, juniors red and seniors orange and black. Additionally, this year will see the return of “Color Blast.”

“[There is] ‘Color Blast’ this year, where each grade will decorate a wing of the school in their colors,” Bernier said.

During the week leading up to Spirit Day at WHS, there are many school-wide events that take place during and after school hours. In past years, there has been dodgeball and other events where the whole school can get together and compete. This year, Student Council is continuing one of the WHS Spirit Day traditions.

“We have our typical student vs. faculty basketball game,” Bernier said.

School-wide events are fun for the participants, but there is a lot of planning on the part of Student Council that goes into these events.

“It is a very tedious process. There is a lot of communication that has to happen in terms of fire marshals and talking among the Student Council group,” Bernier said.

Events like this are planned with the intent of the students having the most fun they can going into the Thanksgiving break, and it is important that they get the most out of Spirit Day.

“I’m hoping to have a lot of fun before Thanksgiving break and to have a good way to end the week,” sophomore Sofia Barris said.