News Brief: Students run voter drive for Civic Engagement Project


Credit: Flickr user GPA Photo Archive

Seniors Charlie Moore, Angela Chi and junior Sam Goldstone are holding a voter registration drive during all lunches throughout this week.

Meredith Prince

Seniors Charlie Moore, Angela Chi and junior Sam Goldstone began their voter registration drive this Monday as their civic engagement project for the AP Government and Politics class. Everyone above the age of 16 can register or pre-register to vote.

If a student is aged 18 before March 3, they can vote in the Massachusetts primary. If a student is aged 18 before Nov. 3, they can vote in the general election. Students must bring a driver’s license or know their Social Security Number to register. The drive will run through Friday, Feb. 7. Students can visit a table during lunches, and the process takes less than five minutes as the form is provided.

“Voter registration and turnout is incredibly important since [it’s] the only possible way for our views to be reflected in the legislative process,” Goldstone said.

The team logged 46 combined registrations and pre-registrations on its first day. Chi emphasizes the importance of voting and how they hope many more people will choose to register.

“Without comprehensive voter registration, the diverse spectrum of political opinion is not represented in our electorate, thus the diverse range of our American interests, issues and beliefs are not communicated to our political representatives,” Chi said. “Voting, and by extension, registering to vote, is fundamental to American democracy and our national values.”