Warrior Weekly: Re-drafting the top 15 picks of the 2017 NFL Draft


The 2017 NFL Draft was one of the most talented drafts in the past 10 years. WSPN’s Jimmy Paugh and Max Brande pitch their take on redrafting the 2017 NFL draft.

Jimmy Paugh and Max Brande

Each year, the NFL Draft grants each of the 32 franchises the opportunity to draft prospects out of college according to their team’s needs. Some of these selections play out well, but some do not. In this article, we will take a look back on the first 15 picks of the 2017 NFL Draft and determine the best fit for each of the first 32 picks.

1st Overall: Cleveland Browns
New Pick: Patrick Mahomes
Actual Selection: Myles Garrett
With the first overall pick, the Browns land not only the best quarterback of the draft, but arguably the best quarterback in the league, and he’s only 24. He’s already won an MVP in his second season to complement his Super Bowl MVP and Super Bowl ring from his third season. An All-Pro himself, Mahomes would undoubtedly erase all concerns regarding the Browns offense for years to come.

2nd Overall: Chicago Bears
New Pick: Deshaun Watson
Actual Selection: Mitchell Trubisky
Months after winning the national championship with the Clemson Tigers, this franchise quarterback would find his way into the windy city. Watson is impressive both in the air and in the run game. With the incredible defensive core that Chicago currently has, having Deshaun Watson as its quarterback would certainly put this team in a different position in the NFC. Watson is the heart and soul of the Texans offense, and his career is on the up and up. Mitch Trubisky just won’t cut it to be a contender, but the addition of Watson might have done the trick.

3rd Overall: San Francisco 49ers
New Pick: T.J. Watt
Actual Selection: Solomon Thomas
Three picks into the draft, San Francisco lands an edge rusher who nearly won DPOY in his third year of the league. Having already finished this past season with an eye-opening eight forced fumbles to complement his 14.5 sacks. This addition to Robert Saleh’s defense would wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks for years to come.

4th Overall: Jacksonville Jaguars
New Pick: Jamal Adams
Actual Selection: Leonard Fournette
There’s nothing wrong with their original selection of Leonard Fournette, who took a huge step forward this past season. It’s just that Jamal Adams has proven to be a dominant player that can improve any team’s secondary. He has been awarded First-team All-Pro and Second-team All-Pro honors in his first three seasons in the league, and it seems that he is just getting started.

5th Overall: Tennessee Titans
New Pick: Christian McCaffrey
Actual Selection: Corey Davis
It’s not everyday that you see a star come out of Stanford, but McCaffrey is just that. McCaffrey would have added so much to a Titans team that is on the rise in the AFC. Beating the Patriots in the wild card game this past season proved the Titans aren’t going anywhere in this league. With the addition of McCaffrey, the sky’s the limit for the Titans. McCaffrey would be one of two franchise running backs on this team, adding lots of depth and potential to bring some hardware to Nashville.

6th Overall: New York Jets
New Pick: Myles Garrett
Actual Selection: Jamal Adams
Mahomes and Watson were both robbed of the number one pick by Myles Garrett, but he belongs in New York. Garrett didn’t put up big numbers this year, mainly due to his season long suspension after the brawl in week 11. Nonetheless, he had an outstanding year in 2018, putting up 44 tackles and 13.5 sacks. All criticism aside, Garrett is a special player that could offer so much to the Jets. He is a one of a kind defensive player that could turn this Jets team around and give the Patriots a run for their money in the AFC East.

7th Overall: Los Angeles Chargers
New Pick: Ryan Ramczyk
Actual Selection: Mike Williams
Over the past three seasons, no tackle has graded higher than Ramczyk. Unlike most tackles coming out of college, he seems to have made the adjustment very nicely, with little-to-no mistakes made during his first three seasons. Ramczyk would provide the Chargers with a rock on their offensive line while they develop their next franchise quarterback.

8th Overall: Carolina Panthers
New Pick: Marshon Lattimore
Actual Selection: Christian McCaffrey
Unfortunately for Carolina, McCaffrey isn’t going to fall this low. They shouldn’t be too worried, however, as Lattimore has made huge strides ever since entering the league in 2017. He seems to elevate his play against the league’s best, and he would compliment James Bradberry very nicely in Carolina. A top tier cornerback in today’s NFL, Lattimore would make Carolina’s secondary among the best in the league if he were drafted eighth overall.

9th Overall: Cincinnati Bengals
New Pick: Alvin Kamara
Actual Selection: John Ross
This rookie of the year actually went in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Kamara was not a big name coming out of college. He attended Alabama for a brief time before transferring and ending up at the University of Tennessee. He has turned around and transformed into one of the best players for the New Orleans Saints, and arguably one of the most versatile running backs in the league. He’s no monster at 5’10”, but he plays like he’s the biggest man on the field. Put Kamara in the Bengals backfield to complement Joe Mixon, and I assure you their offense would look much more versatile. Kamara could single-handedly turn the Bengals offense around.

10th Overall: Kansas City Chiefs
New Pick: JuJu Smith-Schuster
Actual Selection: Patrick Mahomes
Unfortunately for Kansas City fans, there isn’t a world in which Patrick Mahomes falls to pick 10 again. They don’t go wrong here at 10th, though, as they grab Juju Smith-Schuster, a wideout that would complement Tyreek Hill’s unprecedented speed nicely. Smith-Schuster and Hill would create a match-up nightmare for opposing cornerbacks outside with Kelce working the middle of the field. And don’t you worry, Andy Reid is more than capable of finding ways to get the ball in all of their hands.

11th Overall: New Orleans Saints
New Pick: George Kittle
Actual Selection: Marshon Lattimore
Over the past two seasons, Kittle has come into his own in the league all while establishing himself as arguably the best tight end in the league. If you thought Kittle was productive with Jimmy Garroppolo, try and imagine Drew Brees throwing balls his way. The sky’s the limit for this duo with Michael Thomas demanding double coverage on the outside.

12th Overall: Houston Texans
New Pick: Tre’Davious White
Actual Selection: Deshaun Watson
One problem the Houston Texans have consistently struggled with over the past few years is that their secondary has never had a lockdown corner. They have J.J. Watt, who is capable of beating almost any lineman at the line of scrimmage, but their cornerbacks have never consistently won matchups. That’s where Tre’Davious White comes into play. He can lock down an opposing team’s biggest offensive weapon, evidently giving Watt more time to get to the quarterback. There is no doubting this defense’s potential with White lining up alongside Watt.

13th Overall: Arizona Cardinals
New Pick: Marlon Humphrey
Actual Selection: Haason Reddick
For several years, the Cardinals have tried to search for a corner that would nicely complement Patrick Peterson. They may have solved their problem in 2019 with Byron Murphy, but in this situation they steal Marlon Humphrey with the 13th overall pick. An All-Pro cornerback in 2019, Humphrey has the size and speed to lineup across any wide receiver in the league. Pair him with Patrick Peterson, arguably the best cornerback of the decade, and you have a secondary very few quarterbacks can solve.

14th Overall: Philadelphia Eagles
New Pick: Chris Godwin
Actual Selection: Derek Barnett
In his third season in the league, Chris Godwin took a huge step forward in Head Coach Bruce Arians’ offense. Putting up 86 receptions for 1,333 yards in a season is legit. Add this dimensional wide-receiver to the deep Eagles offensive core, and there is no doubt in my mind that the Eagles would have made another Super Bowl Run. The Eagles already have an incredible offense, and the addition of Godwin would make the Eagles a really dangerous team in the NFC.

15th Overall: Indianapolis Colts
New Pick: Dalvin Cook
Actual Selection: Malik Hooker
Although Dalvin had trouble staying healthy during his first two seasons, he came into his own during his junior campaign, finishing 6th in scrimmage yards among running backs despite missing several games with a shoulder injury. If you happened to have watched any Vikings game this past season, you could tell that their offense was much more explosive with Cook on the field. Throw Cook in a backfield to ease the development of Jacoby Brissett, and you are looking at a much more productive offense all around.