News Brief: 8 students from Wayland qualify for AIME


Credit: Jonathan Zhang

All students participating in the competition are part of the math team. “When we’re studying for a [math] meet, we also study for big-name competitions like the AIME,” junior math team captain Jet Chung said.

Jonathan Zhang

With the recent release of students who qualified for AIME, or the American Invitational Math Exam, eight students from Wayland are going to participate in the exam. AIME is an exam taken following the AMC 10 or AMC 12. Only students who scored in the top 2.5% of all scorers will qualify for the AIME.

The test is comprised of 15 questions in which students have three hours to solve. At the end of it, students who score high enough are invited to take the USAMO (United States of America Mathematical Olympiad).

“I’m really proud that so many members of our team qualified for the AIME,” junior math team captain Jet Chung said. “We usually have around one or two qualifiers, so eight is unheard of.”

Students that qualified come from Wayland High School and Wayland Middle School:

Senior Michael Liu

Junior Jet (Jonathan) Chung

Junior Elizabeth Zhong

Sophomore Hannah Han

Sophomore Kevin Zhao

Freshman Jeffrey Huang

Freshman Carson Whitehouse

Seventh-grader Henry Han