Summarizing the WHS Remote Learning Plan


Credit: Taylor McGuire

On Friday, April 10, WHS Principal Allyson Mizoguchi sent out an email with a link explaining the WHS Remote Learning Plan, or the RLP. The RLP will start on Monday, April 13, and the work will be evaluated, unlike the enrichment work that students have had since March 13.

Taylor McGuire and Meredith Prince

Since March 13, students have been working on optional enrichment work for their classes in hopes of staying integrated in the learning process and maintaining a routine. Starting April 13, the second phase of online work called the Remote Learning Plan, or RLP, will begin. Principal Allyson Mizoguchi sent out an email on Friday, April 10, explaining all aspects of the RLP to familiarize students with what their next few weeks will look like. Below is a summary of the most important parts of the RLP that students should know.

The RLP will be taking place from April 13 – May 4, with no work over April break: April 20 – April 24. Students will be assigned 2 hours of work per week per course, or 28 minutes a day. This is half of the usual 56-minute in-school classes. Similar to how students drop a class twice a letter rotation, students will also drop one of their courses each day of the week.

Monday: Language drops
Tuesday: History and Wellness drops
Wednesday: Math and Arts drops
Thursday: Science and Wellness drops
Friday: English drops

No classwork will be due on Mondays as there will be no weekend assignments, and teachers will not give feedback on weekends. In addition, regardless of whether students and teachers return to school or not, final exams will not be administered this year.

Online Synchronous Classes
Students will meet with each of their classes, along with advisory, once a week. These meetings will usually take place on either Zoom or Google Meet, but they may occur on other platforms as well. During these meetings, it is expected that students mute their mics when they are not talking, use school appropriate language and identify themselves with their first and last names. Attendance will be taken, so students should let their teacher know if they will be unable to attend for any reason.

Work will be graded on this scale:

Not submitted (NS)
Partially meeting expectations (PM)
Meeting or exceeding expectations (ME)

Third and fourth quarter will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis. To pass, a student must be meeting or exceeding in their work for more than 60% of their assignments. Work that was completed in third quarter before school was released will count towards this pass/fail grade. Enrichment work that was given from March 13- April 13 will not count against or for any student, as it was optional.

Student Responsibilities
Mizoguchi’s email noted that it is extremely important to stay active during these times, and to stay connected with your friends (online) to maintain students’ mental and emotional health. Students should develop a routine, designate a spot in their home and a time for online work to make this all seem as normal as possible.