10 outdoor activities to do during April break


Credit: Christina Taxiarchis

WSPN’s Christina Taxiarchis lists ten activities to do during April break. If you have found yourself bored during quarantine and willing to try something new, keep on reading!

Christina Taxiarchis

Unfortunately, many members of the Wayland community have had to cancel their upcoming spring break trips due to COVID-19. Although there isn’t much to do around town because of the virus, WSPN has come up with 10 outdoor activities that will keep you busy during these stressful and boring times. Instead of binge-watching another show on Netflix, get outside and try something new! But, be sure that you keep you and your family’s health the number one priority.

1. Scavenger hunt

If you find yourself with extra time on your hands, organize a scavenger hunt for you and your family! There are many different approaches to a scavenger hunt, such as a photo scavenger hunt, a video scavenger hunt or a nature scavenger hunt. Create a list of tasks for you and your family members to complete around your house or backyard, and the first one to finish all of the tasks will win some sort of prize!

2. Go on a walk with your family

If the weather permits, go on a walk around your neighborhood with your family. Make sure to stay six feet apart from citizens who pass by in order to keep yourself safe. Either walk around your neighborhood or walk on one of the many trails Wayland offers, such as the Rail Trail, Heard Pond, Mill Pond and many more.

3. Paint

Grab a canvas or piece of paper and get to work! Although some may not consider themselves to be artistic, painting really relaxes the mind, body and soul. Either paint from the heart, or find an image online that you want to replicate. Make sure to try to paint outside if the weather allows, for it will make the experience much more enjoyable.

4. Organize a picnic

Pick a sunny, warm day during April break and plan a picnic for you and your family! Make sure to assign each family member a dish to prepare so that the work is evenly divided. Don’t forget to grab an outdoor blanket and maybe even a speaker to play some fun tunes. If you want to add to the fun, bring out a favorite card game to play after dinner so you can continue to enjoy the nice weather.

5. Go on a bike ride

If you’re looking for more of a fast-paced activity, try going on a bike ride around town! Either gather up some family members or go by yourself, whichever you prefer. But, don’t forget your helmet!

6. Work out

After being in quarantine for over a month, food has definitely become many people’s best friend. It’s time to get back on track and start getting fit! During April break, download an app or find a workout online that you can do in your backyard! There are thousands of workout videos on Youtube, as well as thousands of apps you can download from the app store. Also, WSPN’s Caitlin Newton created a few different workouts that you should check out here!

7. Bonfire

If you have a fire pit, it’s time to get it up and running! Find a night where you and your family members can get together and sit together around the fire. Grab some marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate to make some traditional s’mores. Use this time to catch up with your family members and to talk about anything and everything. But, don’t forget the blankets, it can get chilly at night!

8. Stargaze

Throughout April break, there are numerous nights when the stars will be shining! Grab a sibling and head on outside to stargaze. Depending on the day and time, there are many different stars and constellations you can observe, so just make sure to do your research beforehand. Ask a parent if you have a telescope so you can see all of the stars clearly.

9. Play outdoor yard games

There are hundreds of different yard games that you can play with your family on a nice day, such as bocce ball, cornhole, spikeball and more. If you don’t have the proper equipment for any of these games, re-discover your inner child by playing sharks and minnows, shadow tag, hide and seek and capture the flag with some of your siblings!

10. Watch a movie outside

It can become pretty boring watching movie after movie inside of your house. Instead of gathering your family members into the living room for a movie night, take it outdoors! During April break, find a night where you and your family members can bundle up in the backyard and watch a movie. Although a movie projector is preferable, don’t let it stop you if you don’t have one! Bring out your laptop, grab some popcorn and sit close together! If you need a movie idea, WSPN recommends 10 different movies on Netflix here.