Class of 2020 future plans (interactive map)

Kevin Wang

Check out where the Class of 2020 is headed below with this interactive map. The map and the following statistics include 91 respondents to a WSPN survey and is not comprehensive.

Geographic Regions

  • Students matriculated to 29 different states and two countries (U.S. and Canada).
  • The Northeast won a plurality of 2020 graduates, with 37 unique colleges. The Northeast region consisted of Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Every state was represented.
  • Students are matriculating to 18 unique Massachusetts colleges, nine of which are in the Boston region.
  • Only three states west of Iowa are represented: California, Utah and Arizona.

Types of Plans

  • No students indicated that they will be entering trade school, the military or the workforce after graduation.
  • Gap years were not recorded given turbulent circumstances with the coronavirus pandemic.

Clicking the button in the top left corner will open a side tab displaying a list of all locations and regional labels.