News Brief: WSPN new sports package


Credit: Sammy Johnson

WSPN has introduced a new sports package. Check in the sports section to see the most updated information about all of WHS’ sports teams.

Sammy Johnson

This past week, WSPN has introduced a new sports package. With this package, viewers can use this as a resource to see the most up to date scores, schedules and rosters of all of WHS’ sports teams. All of this information can be found under the sports category on our site, and then choosing the sub-section “scores and schedules.”

This will lead to the page where the most recent results of games and upcoming games in the future will be updated. To see the roster of different teams, click on the desired sport and it will bring viewers to a page with that specific team’s full schedule and roster. This will be updated daily to give viewers the most accurate information on the fall sports teams.