The Good News: Week of Oct. 19


In these days, we are all in desperate need of some good news. So, join WSPN’s Alyssa Dickstein as she shines light on one piece of cheerful news every week.

All-day long, we are accosted by negative headlines. In a world where stories like these are the epicenter of our lives, maintaining a positive outlook on life can be hard. Let’s face it. When alarming or negative headlines are the only ones we hear about, it’s easy to lose your faith in the world as a result. With the current outbreak of COVID-19 afflicting our well-being, we all need to hear some good news. But with the pandemic, came encouraging stories like those of young people shopping for their neighbors, volunteers making PPE for hospitals and communities coming together while remaining six feet apart. In order to brighten up your day, here is a current event that, indisputably, qualifies as good news.

Sacramento, California — 80 year old Steve Montelongo drives his granddaughter home from a dentist appointment. Why is this good news? On the way home, the pair spotted a driver that had veered off the road and crashed his car into the canal. Other first responders had called the police, but Montelongo took matters into his own hands. He jumped into the canal, and pulled the driver out to safety before it went under, saving the driver’s life. Good Samaritans like Montelongo are hard to come by, as this is not his first time taking positive action. A few years earlier, Montelongo rushed into a local house after a gas explosion and saved an 80 and 79 year old from the fire that had erupted inside. The tale of his good deeds were recently brought to light in this Oct. 14 CBS article.

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