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  • June 1WHS 2019-20 grades will not factor into students' GPAs
  • May 5As of May 6, it's the law in Massachusetts to wear a mask if one is in public and is unable to social distance
  • April 24All MA Schools are closed for the remainder of the school year, work to remain online
  • April 8March and May College Board SAT's are cancelled due to coronavirus
  • April 8Coronavirus outbreak causes schools across the country to switch to remote online learning
  • April 8Q3 and Q4 will collectively be graded as pass/fail, work begins to be required on April 13
  • March 17WSPN Practice ACT and SAT exam through Revolution Prep to be administered online
  • February 6Submit ideas for the Monday Minute on our google form which is under "Broadcast"
  • February 6The construction site behind the school is closed to the public, no one should be on the turf or track until the construction fence is removed
  • September 17View the WHS bell schedules on our site by selecting "WHS Resources" at the top and then "Bells"
Alyssa Dickstein
Alyssa Dickstein, Class of 2021, is a copy editor for WSPN. This is her second year on the staff. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. 

Contact: [email protected]

Alyssa Dickstein, Copy Editor

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