The Bachelor Rewind: the most eventful episode yet


Credit: Elizabeth Zhong

Guest writers seniors Sophia Mastrangelo and Maria Perdomo discuss ABC’s “The Bachelor” and give the inside scoop on departures and new arrivals.

Sophia Mastrangelo and Maria Perdomo

*Warning: Spoilers of the Bachelorette ahead!*

Welcome back to the Bachelor Rewind. This was one of the most eventful episodes of the season (even though it’s only the third one!). So let’s get started.

The night was off to an explosive start as we witnessed an argument between Clare and Yosef. Yosef was not happy with Clare’s decisions regarding the group dates from last week, so he decided to confront Clare about it. Yosef said that her actions had been “classless” and that he was “embarrassed to be associated with her.” Whenever she tried to say anything, Yosef would respond, saying “don’t interrupt me,” a comment that initiated a yelling match between the two. Although Clare tried to walk away from him, he kept going after her and yelling mean things. All the commotion captured everyone’s attention in the house, and they were all quick to come to Clare’s defense. The yelling and the insults left Clare in a vulnerable state, so she decided to cancel the cocktail party and head straight into the rose ceremony.

We saw another one-on-one this week, and this time it was with Zach J. He and Clare spent a relaxing day at the resort spa, which included pedicures and facials. However, there were some awkward moments: Clare mentioned that she felt Zach was acting nervous and not as fun as he was in the beginning. But don’t worry, things got even more awkward. After the spa, Zach and Clare went to the pool and as they were getting ready to dry off, Clare went in for a kiss and Zach supposedly backed away. Zach tried to make up for it, but at that moment, Clare wanted nothing to do with him. It got to the point where Clare didn’t even show up for the night portion of the date and sent Chris Harrison to tell him he was heading home, all because of an awkward misunderstanding! This was honestly something we weren’t expecting. It didn’t seem like Clare gave him a fair chance, but how could she, when she only cares about Dale and his feelings?

Speaking of Dale, he was quite the spark of drama on night three. First of all, on the first group date, he stole Clare for almost an hour. An hour! Meanwhile, the other guys were forced to just sit there and wait! Dale went ahead and did this even after claiming it would only be “five minutes.” The other guys were clearly not happy with him and didn’t get a fair amount of time to talk to Clare. And can you guess who got the group date rose? That’s right, it was Dale. And how could we forget to bring up the roast group date? Or should we say, the “roast Dale group date.” We’re sure anyone who saw that portion of the show would not have wanted to be in Dale’s shoes. Guys—especially Bennett—were roasting Dale left and right. Bennett wrote a whole book about Dale and grilled him on his comment about being the “best suited” for Clare. It was obvious everyone was enjoying this except for the love birds, Dale and Clare. She was upset about the guys primarily roasting Dale, or as she called him, her “fiancé.” She was so upset that she spent the night portion of the group date asking the guys about him to which all of the guys had an uncomfortable reply. She didn’t even give anyone a fair chance at improving other relationships, and didn’t give out the group date rose! What?! We get that she likes Dale, but at this point she’s wasting everyone else’s time.

In terms of what’s in store for the next episode, things don’t look pretty. We don’t think anyone knows what’s going to happen next—not even the guys! But hopefully Clare will leave with Dale, and we’ll get a new lead. Tayshia Adams perhaps? See you next week to find out!