BREAKING: Cohort B to go full remote Friday 10/30 after second COVID case


Credit: Emily Staiti

On Friday, Oct. 30, all classes will be moved to remote due to the second positive COVID-19 case in the past week.

Josh Schreiber

On Thursday, Oct. 29, WHS families received an email from Superintendent Arthur Unobskey notifying them of a second positive COVID-19 case at the high school in the past week.

Due to the short turnaround time, all high school classes will be moved to remote on Friday, Oct. 30. This means that Cohort B students who were supposed to attend school in-person tomorrow will attend their classes remotely tomorrow alongside Cohorts A and D. Unobskey stated in the email that the contact tracing process would not be completed by Friday morning.

“Conducting [Friday’s] classes remotely will allow the Health Department sufficient time to ensure that all close contacts have been identified and communicated with,” Unobskey wrote in the email.

No further information was given in the email, and as of Thursday night, only in-person classes for Friday, Oct. 30 have been canceled.