The fitness room makes its return with new guidelines


Credit: WSPN Staff

As WHS goes hybrid, the fitness room opens up to all students. New guidelines and rules have been put into place to limit the spread of COVID-19 and maintain social distancing.

With the return to hybrid learning, coach and Wellness Department Head Scott Parseghian has received the green light to open the fitness room to the public As of now, the fitness room will only be open during non-school hours, with the hope of adding more hours during the school day in the future.

“It hasn’t changed too much, aside that we have to wipe down every single piece of equipment after we use it, which is usually done for the barbells and dumbbells anyways so they stay clean,” junior Luciano Sebastianelli said.

To limit the spread of COVID-19 and to stay socially distant while working out, only 17 people are allowed in the fitness room at a time. People are required to sign up on a google sheet beforehand to keep track of the number of people. Each session lasts one hour and then are required to leave after one hour, even if their workout isn’t done.

“It hasn’t been very different, it just takes a little longer because we wipe down the bars and all that so I’ve had to shorten my workouts by a little to fit in the hour time slot,” junior Kelvin Chirayath said.

Masks are required the whole time while in the fitness room, and if students need a mask break, they are asked to go outside to take off their masks. Water is not allowed to be provided by the school, so students must bring water to their workout. Despite the changes and new rules in the weight room, most students have been thrilled to get the opportunity to optimize the weight room once again.

“Since we have been out of the weight room for so long, I’m just really excited to be back,” Chirayath said. “I’m really glad to be able to workout with real weights and be together with my other teammates.”

Due to the smaller number of students allowed in the weight room, and the guidelines coach Parseghian set in place, people were not sure if it would have the same sense of community that it did before COVID-19. A big part of working out in a gym is the team environment and the energy level that is created.

“I do feel like the weight room still had the same energy that it did pre-COVID,” Sebastianelli said. “Sure, we can’t all be there at the same time, but it still generates a huge sense of community, and everyone in the room cheers each other on.”

Before school went hybrid, students who like to workout were forced to do so in their own homes. Most people had limited equipment compared to what is available in the weight room, so it was difficult to get the same amount out of workouts while having the motivation to work their hardest.

“It’s a lot different when you work out at home and you don’t have that same drive to keep going,” Sebastianelli said. “If you could only do three or four reps at something on your own, you could put up maybe five or six in the weight room surrounded by people who are constantly pushing each other to get better.”

The fitness room is a place where anyone in the school is allowed to go and workout. Before COVID-19 hit, people were constantly in and out of the room, working out with their friends or teammates, and listening to the music Coach P blasts. Athletes felt that it had a real sense of community that lacked when everything got shut down.

“I’m glad to be able to workout with my friends and really push myself against them,” Sebastianelli said. “I’m just happy that it’s open again, and even if we have to follow COVID guidelines the whole time we’re there, I’m not complaining at all.”