The Bachelor Rewind: boxing dates, songwriting and pot-stirring


Credit: Elizabeth Zhong

Guest writers seniors Sophia Mastrangelo and Maria Perdomo discuss ABC’s “The Bachelor” and give the inside scoop on departures and new arrivals.

Maria Perdomo and Sophia Mastrangelo

*Warning: Spoilers of the Bachelorette ahead!*

Hello and welcome back to “The Bachelor Rewind!”

Today we will be recapping the events from the past two episodes of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” We have a ton of things to get to, so let’s get a move on.

Though there were a ton of interesting dates over the past couple of weeks, you definitely need to know about last week’s boxing date. During this sports date, the men started by working on their fighting skills. They then put those skills to use as they wrestled one another in an arena, with guys from the house being the audience. It’s clear everyone was awaiting the outcome between Chasen and Ed’s fight. These two spent lots of time pointing fingers at each other for “not being there for the right reason.” When an overly confident Chasen stepped into the fighting cage, Ed knew that he didn’t stand a chance. He went up to Chris Harrison with a convenient medical excuse to not participate and withdrew from the fight.

But wait! Since Ed didn’t fight Chasen, that means Chasen won automatically, right? Nope! Chris Harrison asked if “there was anyone who wanted to fight for Tayshia’s heart?” Noah, who was in the audience, immediately jumped the fence and got ready. This big gesture gave him a ticket to the night portion of the date and also the group date rose! This was a bit of a surprise for us, especially since Noah wasn’t even supposed to be on that date to begin with. Although there’s plenty more on Noah, there’s other things you need to know:

On the latest episode, we were treated with something a bit different from a basic group date: men were tasked with writing an original song about their feelings for Tayshia, and one lucky guy would be gifted with some one-on-one time with her. Though none of them were good songwriters, Ivan knocked it out of the park with his performance, winning him the one-on-one time. Tayshia knew Ivan was on the shy side, but wanted to dig deeper into who he was as a person. Their date started out with them trying to reach her bedroom without touching the floor to call room service. She called it, “the floor is lava.” They then played twister and finally ate their delivered room service together. But what was the most heartfelt moment of all? Their deep talk. Let’s just say it was one of the best conversations in franchise history! Ivan opened up about his brother being in jail and how he and his family got through that, and Tayshia even opened up about how she was dealing with the BLM movement. Their emotional conversation led to Ivan winning Tayhsia’s heart once again. He ultimately got a rose and will stick around for another week!

To close off the night, we witnessed drama rising at the cocktail party, and, of course, it was Noah who started it. He told Tayshia that he suspected some of the guys thought she gave him a rose to start drama. Tayshia didn’t take this news lightly and immediately confronted everyone about what was said. The guys were just as stunned as she was and were confused about what was going on. There was that awkward moment of “who talked to her last,” and Noah finally spoke up. To keep it short, he got grilled by everyone in the house. Bennett even called him a “14 year old child.” A truly classic Bennett comment.

So as we look forward to next week, definitely keep your eyes out for Noah. It’s likely he will stir more drama within the house and we have a feeling the guys won’t like it. Stay tuned for next week as we dive deeper into Tayshia’s love story and see who is really there for her and who’s there for the drama. Bye for now!