Giving and receiving: Top 10 holiday gift ideas


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WSPN’s Alex McQuilkin shares 10 gifts ideas for the upcoming holidays. If you are looking for fun and popular gifts, keep on reading!

Alexina McQuilkin

Although this year has been an adjustment for many, 2020 is finally starting to wrap up and the holidays are right around the corner. It is time to give back and show appreciation to friends and family. Here are 10 fun and popular gift ideas spanning a range of prices for the 2020 Holiday season!

Bluetooth Speaker ($29-$100)

A speaker would make an excellent gift to people who enjoy listening to music. A speaker is a good item to have, whether it be for a sports practice, sleepover or just jamming out. Bluetooth speakers specifically are great because they can easily connect to any device within a short range. Two alternatives to a speaker could be an Alexa or an Echo, which both can play music. Both the Alexa and Echo have voice recognition, so when you shout out the song and the artist’s name, the song will play automatically. You can find speakers on Amazon or at Target.

AirPods ($129-$160)

AirPods have gained a huge popularity in the past couple of years and are still an excellent gift idea. They come in handy while getting in a good workout or bouncing between zoom calls. You can buy AirPods on Amazon or if you don’t want to wait for the Amazon truck, you can run out to the nearest Apple store, Best Buy or Target.

Christmas Blankets ($20-$40) and Matching Fuzzy Socks ($12-$20)

A good gift for staying warm in the frigid winter is a cozy fluffy blanket and matching fuzzy socks. You can find fluffy blankets and fuzzy socks almost anywhere. Target, Amazon, Home Goods or Marshalls are great places to look.

Hot Chocolate Bombs ($15-$40)

The infamous New England winter is upon us, and there is no better way to stay warm than by having a nice cup of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate bombs are hollow chocolate shells with marshmallows and cocoa powder hiding inside. When placed in warm milk or water, the marshmallows and cocoa arise from the chocolate, creating a delicious drink. Hot chocolate bombs can be found in stores from Walmart, Walgreens and online on Amazon.

New iPhone ($500 -$1,099)

Many teens would be ecstatic to receive a new phone as a holiday gift. Although iPhones can be expensive, they typically last a long time and are a great gift because they are used quite frequently. The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max recently came out and can be found at Best Buy, T-Mobile or the Apple Store.

Room decorations ($15-$100)

The pandemic has forced upon us a ton of free time indoors, making a great time to redecorate bedrooms or other rooms in the house. Some decorations ideas include LED lights, neon signs, picture frames, fairy lights, star projectors, knick-knacks and bean bag chairs. All these items can be found on Amazon.

Concert Tickets ($55-$150)

Although it may be hard to imagine now, we can hope that the pandemic will be over someday, and there already are a number of concerts planned for the Boston area in 2021. Some artists who are holding concerts in Boston are listed below:
The Weekend on July 2, 2021 at TD Garden
Justin Bieber on July 8, 2021 at TD Garden
Dan + Shay on Dec. 7, 2021 at TD Garden
Lady Gaga on Aug. 7, 2021 at Fenway
Alicia Keys on Aug.10, 2021 at Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion
John Legend on Aug. 30, 2021 at Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion
Harry Styles on Oct. 25, 2021 at TD Garden

Tickets can be found on

Personal charging hub ($20-$65)

Many people fear watching their devices die off guard, making a personal charging hub the perfect gift. Hub chargers allow you to charge multiple devices at once. Recently, Apple came out with a hub charger that can hold an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at the same time. You can find the Apple Charging hub and other charging hubs on Amazon.

Gift cards ($15-$100)

If you don’t have a specific gift idea in mind, why not consider gift cards? Unlike other presents, gift cards give the gift receiver the freedom to choose what they want. They can also decide when they want to use the card or if they want to save up. Amazon or Visa Gift Cards are always good choices because they allow the recipient to buy just about anything they want. You can also get gift cards to specific stores that someone likes.

Clothings ($15-$500)

With the hope that everything will return to normal soon, a couple new outfits would make for a great gift. Especially warm, comfortable clothings such as beanies, sweaters, jackets, winter boots, scarfs and gloves are great as winter approaches. You can find clothes anywhere online, or you can check out the Natick Mall or Shoppers World in Framingham. Some specific clothing stores to check out for winter clothing are Macy’s, North Face, Nordstrom, Burlington Coat Factory, H&M and Patagonia.