The Bachelor Rewind: Drama, drama and more drama


Credit: Elizabeth Zhong

Guest writers seniors Sophia Mastrangelo and Maria Perdomo discuss ABC’s “The Bachelor” and give the inside scoop on departures and new arrivals.

Sophia Mastrangelo and Maria Perdomo

Hello and welcome back to “The Bachelor Rewind!” Today we will recap the events from the past two episodes of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” We have a lot to get to, so let’s get things going.

We can’t recap the past two episodes without mentioning one of the show’s current front runners: Ben Smith. Though he may have a bit of a dull name, he is anything but that. We have started to see Ben lower his walls and his special connection with Tayshia. During the group date last week, we got to see a lot more of him (literally), but it went beyond what he was showing. At the after-party, Ben told Tayshia about previous struggles regarding his self image and how much his sister meant to him. We got to see even more of who he was as a person during last episode when he opened up to Tayshia about his mental health struggles and how happy he was to be there. We can honestly say that we are so glad to see Ben on the show, and we’re so happy that he is doing much better. The show needs to highlight that these are real people that have struggles, instead of just showcasing the contestants’ perfection and implying they have nothing to worry about. Seeing Ben as a human being makes us and the rest of the bachelor nation root for him even more than we already were.

Now of course we have to talk about the heated drama between Bennett and Noah. Tayshia finally sensed something was up between these two and decided to address it with a two-on-one. Oh, the dreaded two-on-one. Bennett and Noah have been arguing about childish behaviors for way too long, so it’s nice for it to finally be addressed. We ended the oldest episode with Bennett gifting Noah mustache socks, a book about emotional intelligence and a red bandana. Very smooth, Bennett.

As we transitioned to the latest episode, we got back to where we left off with Noah and Bennett, except this time Tayshia entered the room. She talked with each of the guys individually and basically called their dilema, “teenage boy drama.” I mean, she’s not wrong. After Noah explained to Tayshia about Bennett’s condescending behavior, we got to see Bennett question Tayshia’s decisions, which ultimately sent Mr. Harvard home. However, this didn’t mean Noah got the rose—Tayshia was still upset about him causing drama in the house and decided to wait for the rose ceremony to make her decision. “Put the tic tacs away, Noah.”

Now we know that the past couple of episodes also left us with a fun one-on-one with Zac C, an interesting arts and crafts date and a lie detector test to see if the guys were really being honest. But how could we not highlight Ben and the heated drama? But more importantly, BEN! Anyway, previews for next week leave us with a Monday and Tuesday episode, showcasing the return of Bennett, a “men tell all” and possibly hometowns. We aren’t too positive on the hometowns part because honestly, it looked like more drama was about to erupt. Stay tuned for next time as we unravel the next episodes and what they mean for Tayshia’s love story. Bye for now!