The Bachelor Rewind: who is still standing?


Credit: Elizabeth Zhong

Guest writers seniors Sophia Mastrangelo and Maria Perdomo discuss ABC’s “The Bachelor” and give the inside scoop on departures and new arrivals.

Sophia Mastrangelo and Maria Perdomo

*Warning: Spoilers of the Bachelorette ahead!*

Welcome back to “The Bachelor Rewind!” Today we will be recapping the events from the past two episodes of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” We have many things to discuss, so let’s jump right in.

As we approach the show’s final few weeks, we’re starting to see which relationships are strong enough to have a future and which aren’t, such as Tayshia and Blake. Even though Blake seemed happy about how things were going, Tayshia certainly wasn’t on the same page as him and decided to send him home. But she didn’t stop there: later that night, she told Riley that she wasn’t at the same place he was, also she sending time home. As for the rose ceremony, we’ll spare you the details, all you need to know is that Noah and Bennett went home (yes, he got sent home a second time). Though it was tough, it was definitely the right call. It was clear that Tayshia had better connections with the remaining four men.

For the second half of the episode, we saw a different version of the Men Tell All which included no audience. There was some expected drama with Noah and Bennet. However, the jaw dropping moment was Yosef returning without regrets regarding what he had said to Clare. Chris Harrison played back the tape of Yosef and Clare arguing about her actions and the way she handled the dates. All of the guys at the Men Tell All grilled Yosef on how disrespectful he was. Did that make him feel bad? Nope! Even Chris Harrison was shocked, which says a lot.

Did that make him feel bad? Nope! Even Chris Harrison was shocked, which says a lot.

— Sophia Mastrangelo

On another episode, we saw a different kind of Hometowns Week. Instead of physically exploring their hometown, the guys made the best of it by bringing their town to the resort. We were treated to a DIY carnival on Brendan’s hometown date, followed by a supposed day-in-the-life of Tayshia’s and Zac’s life in NYC. Then we got to cook with Ivan and skate through “Venice, California” during Ben’s date. The dates went well, and all of the families loved Tayshia. But there is a one-night portion that needs to be mentioned: Ben’s. When asked about his feelings for Tayshia, Ben realized that he was in love with her. All he needed to do was tell Tayshia how he felt. But at the last minute, he didn’t. He said that he was hoping to tell her soon, but unfortunately was sent home at the final rose ceremony. So Ben left in the classic black SUV with an unmistakable look of shock and regret as he was leaving Tayshia, who was sad to see him go.

Soon, we will cover the final week of “The Bachelorette.” It’s going to be a tough choice with lots of tears, but stay tuned for what we have to say about it all. Bye for now!