The Bachelor Rewind: The finale


Credit: Elizabeth Zhong

Guest writers seniors Sophia Mastrangelo and Maria Perdomo discuss ABC’s “The Bachelor” and give the inside scoop on departures and new arrivals.

Sophia Mastrangelo and Maria Perdomo

*Warning: Spoilers of the Bachelorette ahead!*

Hello and welcome back to “The Bachelor Rewind!” Today we will be recapping the events from the final two episodes of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” We have a ton of things to get to, so let’s get things going.

Having chosen her final three men, Tayshia was ready to progress her relationships. Both Ivan’s and Zac’s dates were successful as both men had the chance to spend the night with Tayshia. We even witnessed Zac and Tayshia say they love each other! So, with two seemingly perfect dates, it seemed possible that Brendan was heading in a positive direction.

But he didn’t.

It was clear that Brendan was nervous about proposing to Tayshia, and his insecurities worsened when they tried on engagement rings. Anyone with eyes could see Brendan’s discomfort on the date, but he kept it together until the night, when he opened up to Tayshia about not being able to give her his full heart, which meant it wouldn’t be fair to her if he stayed. Their honest conversation led to a tearful goodbye with Tayshia recounting how she thought she would end up with Brendan. It’s safe to say that it was a hard goodbye for both parties. So with Brendan out, it meant that Ivan and Zac were Tayshia’s final two. Or were they?

Remember Ben? How could we forget Ben. Although he left last week after not expressing his feelings to Tayshia, this “Bachelor” favorite did not disappoint.

That’s right. Ben made a dramatic reappearance and Tayshia was definitely caught off guard.

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He decided the best time to tell Tayshia how he felt was right before the rose ceremony (timing at its finest). Though Tayshia was happy to hear this, she was upset at how long it took him to tell her. Regardless, she invited him to the rose ceremony. Now here were Zach and Ivan ready to move on, but no! Ben came walking in, leaving the other guys shocked. After another sad goodbye, Tayshia sent Ivan home, making Zac and Ben her final men.

In being the final two men, Zac and Ben must meet Tayshia’s family. Since both encounters went well, there isn’t much to cover. However, as it got down to the wire, it was time for Tayshia to spend individual time with both guys:

On her date with Zac, the couple practiced a personal dance in preparation for their “wedding.” Later that night, they had deep conversations involving numerous “I love you’s” and promises to always be there for one another. We could tell these words meant lot to Tayshia. They meant a lot to us, honestly. Tayshia was so over the moon about her day with Zac that she knew she wasn’t being fair to Ben—so she sent him home (for the second time).

Although he was heartbroken, Ben wished her the best as he said his goodbyes, which of course meant Tayshia and Zac are hopefully getting engaged. During the final rose ceremony, both Zac and Tayshia poured their hearts out to one another, leading Zac to get down on his knee and propose to Tayshia! It was one of the sweetest engagements we have ever seen and we’re so happy for them!

This long and dramatic season has come to an end—but not to worry because we’ll be back with more rundowns on the new season of ‘The Bachelor” featuring Matt James starting January 4th. Stay tuned for more “Bachelor Rewinds” in the new year with a new Bachelor.