Fashionistas of the Month, December: Charlotte Richter and Michael Vanaria

Fashionistas of the Month: December Edition

Credit: Courtesy of Charlotte Richter

Name: Charlotte Richter

Grade: Sophomore

Favorite store: “My favorite store is Nordstrom or Zara because they both have lots of clothes and basics that I really like.”

Online shopping or in-store: “Usually, I like going to the store because clothes look different in person than in the pictures online, but I don’t like crowded places or stores, so it depends.”

Fashion Icon: “I have a lot, but mostly Kendall Jenner and Rachel Greene from “Friends”.”

Outfit: “I would probably wear this outfit to dinner with my friends. My shirt is from Urban Outfitters, my jeans are from Nordstrom, and my shoes are from Steve Madden.”

Favorite season: “My favorite season to dress for is summer because I like sundresses and skirts, but I also like winter and fall because I like wearing cute coats and other winter accessories.”

Design time: “I usually just pick my outfit out when I get dressed, but I also always have ideas for outfits in my head.”

Favorite article of clothing: “My favorite article of clothing is probably jeans because they are easy to pair with different tops, and there are lots of different styles to pick from. I also like jewelry because it can make your outfit a lot better.”

Style in one word: “Simple, because I usually wear outfits that are easy to pick out and not too busy and complicated.”

Advice for the fashion-challenged: “My advice is to find inspiration for fashion that you like from different people, and you can kind of base your own style off of theirs.”


Credit: Courtesy of Michael Vanaria

Name: Michael Vanaria

Grade: Sophomore

Favorite store: “My favorite store is Nike because they have a good variety of clothes and shoes, and everything from Nike is really comfortable.”

Online or in-Person: “I prefer in person shopping because trying on clothes and shoes is really helpful, and I don’t want to wait a long [time] for shipping, especially if I have to return or ship something back.”

Fashion icon: “My fashion icon is Lil Baby because he drips so hard.”

Outfit: “I would probably wear this outfit to school. I’m wearing black Nike sweatpants, a Nike sweatshirt, a Jayson Tatum jersey, and black Nike React Prestos.”

Favorite season: “My favorite season for dressing up is summer. I love summer weather, and shorts are really comfortable to wear.”

Design time: “I usually pick out my outfits in the morning, when I’m wearing those clothes because the weather is a big factor in what I wear.”

Favorite article of clothing: “Sweatshirts are my favorite article of clothing because they’re super comfortable and they cover my hair when it looks bad.”

Style in one word: “One word that describes my style is matching. I love to match, and it makes me feel good about my outfit.”

Advice for the fashion-challenged: “My fashion advice is to be confident and to match. The more colors in an outfit the less I like it, so try and pick your colors and match it with black or white.”