Asians on Air: Is Our Home Country Really “Home”? (ft. Akash Bhukhanwala)

Brasen Chi and Jonathan Zhang

In the first episode of Asians on Air, WSPN reporter Brasen Chi and copy editor Jonathan Zhang discuss experiences visiting Asia, with special guest Akash Bhukhanwala. From language to tourism, this episode will attempt to cover the differences between the countries of China and India in comparison to America through the eyes of people who are both Asian and American. They also address the importance of staying non-judgemental in an unknown environment.


Intro: 00:00 – 00:32
Akash Brief: 00:33 – 1:25
Discussion about Language: 1:35 – 3:17
Cultural Shock/Differences: 3:17 – 8:54
Flight/Transportation: 8:55 – 12:00
Tourism: 12:01 – 16:58
Get Out There: 16:69 – 18:51
Outro: 18:51 – 19:22

Intro Song:
1. 모든 음악은 음악 추천영상에 출처를 남기고 쓸 수있지만, 무료음악추천 영상에는 이용할 수 없습니다.
2. 모든 음악은 좋아요 및 댓글을 남기고 이용부탁드립니다.
3. 모든 음악은 출처를 남기고 이용부탁드립니다.