Opinion: Traveling is okay

Julia Raymond

Obviously, traveling isn’t exactly ideal right now, but if your family decides it’s what you want to do, make sure you adhere to the necessary precautions. These precautions can severely limit the chance of spreading COVID-19 and can ensure that others around you are safe. Safety is always a top priority in times like these.

Consider getting tested one to three days prior to your trip and after your trip. Even though your test may come back negative, you should still quarantine for seven days prior to returning to your normal activities. If you do not take a test, extend your quarantine to a ten-day period rather than a seven-day period.

Bring a lot of extra masks. It’s important to always have a mask handy even if you are in a place where masks are not mandatory. Along with masks, always have hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. It’s crucial to have these, especially if you are in areas where there are many people, like a plane.

Wherever you are traveling, look at the restrictions that the state, local or federal government officials have in place. They may require you to get a test, quarantine or not come at all. For more information, check out the state and local health department guidelines to see what you need to do before traveling. Some cities are hotspots while others aren’t, so this website can help determine what type of zone your destination is in. If it’s red, consider delaying your trip.

It’s crucial to bring extra food and snacks in case restaurants or stores shut down in the area. Cases are rising across the country, so this wouldn’t be all that surprising. Be prepared for the absolute worst.

Don’t let others guilt you about your trip. Everyone has different reasons for traveling, some more valid than others, but don’t let others judge your decision. Someone could be visiting their sick grandma who lives in another state to say their last goodbyes, so traveling is necessary here for the sake of their family. You never know what the situation could be, so keep your opinions to yourself.