Sports Junkies S2E10: NFL Conference Championship Weekend Recap

Max Brande and Garrett Spooner

In season two of Sports Junkies, WSPN sports broadcast editor Garrett Spooner and reporter Max Brande recap the world of local and national sports. In episode ten, Spooner and Brande recap the NFL AFC and NFC Conference Championship games. Then, the duo shifts their focus toward the Super Bowl and discuss early storylines that the “big game” has to offer.


0:10: Intro

0:31: Buccaneers, Packers

2:36: Matt LaFleur’s Curious Decision

4:53: Tom Brady’s Performance

10:26: Where do the Patriots go from here?

14:01: Chiefs, Bills

14:22: Chiefs’ Dominance

16:40: Future of the Bills

19:21: Chiefs Defense

21:52: Outro